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Raspberry-chocolate surprise pop cake

Are you greedy? We do too and we still like to combine original recipes with the benefits of the nutrients they provide. For example, today we suggest you make a dessert based on our delicious dark chocolate raspberries. If you feel like an artist, this will even be the opportunity to decorate your delicious pop cakes to your liking. But what is a cake pop? It is above all a very trendy dessert based on cake and whose shape evokes a lollipop.

Making the cake pop

For this recipe, you will need dark chocolate raspberries (raspberries are high in ketones to help with weight loss), raspberry jam (optional), yogurt or sponge cake, a pot mascarpone, sticks and a bar of dark chocolate for the glaze.

Start by finely crumbling the biscuit and incorporating the mascarpone and a little raspberry jam until you obtain a dough allowing you to form balls. Then place them in the freezer for about 10 minutes to harden them. Melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie until it becomes very liquid. Then, dip the end of the sticks in the chocolate and insert it into the cake pops in half. After allowing the chocolate to harden for a few minutes, you can now dip them in the chocolate and decorate them with dark chocolate raspberry chips before leaving them to dry on a display. All you have to do is taste them!