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Verrine of raspberries with coconut-lemon crumble

On a daily basis, we have little time to devote to the preparation of small tasty dishes for ourselves or our family. Maybe some of us are even afraid of jumping into a dish and messing it up. And then, the dessert ends the meal, so it must end on a positive note. Fortunately, the recipe we are offering today is simple and quick to make and will delight the most gourmet. In addition to that, a verrine always remains decorative with its superimposed layers. Here is point by point, the basics of the recipe to follow.

Culinary achievement:verrine of

raspberries with coconut crumble


For the preparation of the verrine, we played on tangy flavors counterbalanced by the sweetness.

You will need

  • raspberries
  • of organic cookies coconut and lime kiss
  • 125g mascarpone
  • 30g sugar
  • and an egg
The recipe begins with the separation of the egg yolk and egg white. We will therefore mix together in a salad bowl the yolk with the sugar until they whiten. Then, we will incorporate the mascarpone until everything becomes homogeneous. Next, whip the egg white with an electric mixer or by hand. Once it is firm, it will be gently added to the cream. And that's it for the recipe part!

For training everything is allowed. For example, you can mix a few raspberries to make a coulis in the bottom of the verrine, then add some of the mascarpone. Crumble the cookies to make a crumble and place raspberries on top. Cover with a second layer of mascarpone and finish with the remaining crumble and a raspberry for the final touch.

A real delight for the eyes and the taste buds!