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6 tips to put an end to tired eyes

Puffiness and dark circles are one of the recurring nightmares of women. These symptoms are very often found when waking up in the morning and for the less fortunate among us, are part of a daily life with which we have learned to live without forgetting them. The good news is that nothing is ever final in life and there are simple ways to act to relieve the eye area and thus have a brighter look and alive. These methods are called Shiatsu, the electroshock effect or the sleeper's posture and will help you in the short or long term. I invite you to follow the explanations of each to determine which ones will suit you best.

Before knowing what to do, it is sometimes necessary to wonder about the causes of the evil. Have you consumed alcohol or tobacco? Is your sleep time sufficient? Is your diet adequate? Are you stressed right now? If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, there is a good chance that your dark circles and puffiness can react to the recommended actions.

Tip 1:rehydrate yourself

The first thing you should do in the morning is drink enough water. Although salt is one of the minerals essential to the proper functioning of our body, consuming it in excess is one of the causes of bags under the eyes. Rehydrating helps to rebalance the balance and fight water retention caused by salt .

Hydration also goes through creams and eye contour care adapted to this thin and fragile area of ​​the face.

Tip 2:the electroshock effect as first aid

Looking at yourself in the mirror this morning there is something that tells you that the day has started badly. The outline of your eyes has literally ganged up on you so that all you can see is that. Do not panic ! There is a gesture to decongest the eye , is the temperature shock. The cold will indeed cause a tightening of the blood vessels which will reduce the visible appearance of dark circles. For this, you can lightly tap the eyelids and the eye contour with an ice cube or a spoon that you have left in the refrigerator.

Tip 3:detoxifying active ingredients

What you need to understand is that the body eliminates waste from the body through the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin. When these emunctories can no longer process them, the lymph is in turn clogged. For the part that interests us, this causes a swelling under the eye . To unclog it, we will use tannins naturally present in:

  • strawberries, apples or grapes for fruit
  • blueberry, witch hazel, tea, hawthorn and meadowsweet for plants
The advantage of tannin is that it is anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor . For tea, for example, you can use the cold sachet. We recognize a tea rich in tannin by its bitterness when it has been infused too much. Therefore, the longer you have left your tea in the water, the better its effectiveness will be.

Tip 4:Grandma's tricks

Remember the good old grandmother's tricks . You have probably already used them but here is the explanation of their effectiveness. Applying compresses soaked in milk or lemon juice, cutting slices of potato or cucumber, making poultices with white clay, all of this is used in the same way since these are whitening agents which serve to camouflage your dark circles.

Tip 5:eye massage

When it comes to eye massage , there are different possibilities:

  • The first is to act like shiatsu or acupressure using localized pressure points.
  • The second is to coat 4 fingers with creams or gel and lightly tap the top of the eye from the inside out.

Tip 6:Sleeper posture

Sleep is essential for the body's recovery, but to give you the best chance of waking up looking bright, remember to elevate your head . This will prevent liquids from accumulating.

If with all these tips nothing has worked, know that there are also drinkable formulas based on chlorophyll to activate blood circulation .