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A sublime look for the holidays...

It is important to take care of yourself with natural care in winter, but when we approach the month of December we know that it is associated with reunions with our families, our friends, the end of year celebrations and of course at Christmas so it's the time when you naturally enhance your beauty to shine with a thousand lights!

The essential make-up product to have for this period is ORGANIC mascara, it is THE product that will allow you to accentuate the color of your eyes at any time and this month, Belle au naturel totally responds to this need with the organic box ''Christmas Magic" which includes the organic mascara " Regard sublime " from the Lady Green brand .


Lady green is a French brand of very girly, colorful and fun organic cosmetics while respecting the health of young girls and the environment around us. It was originally created for young girls but is also aimed at all age groups.


The organic enhancing mascara aims to lengthen the eyelashes, coat them and give them volume while giving an intense black effect.


Lady green has created this mascara so that it sublimates your look but takes care of your eyelashes. And yes a 2-in-1 ''make-up-care" mascara , it contains :

* Marula oil, orchid extracts and sunflower oil which will nourish, moisturize, protect and soften your eyelashes.

* Vegetable wax which will serve as sheathing and to give volume as well as shine to your eyelashes.

In addition to its gentle formula that will be totally suitable for sensitive eyes, it is guaranteed free of phenoxyethanol, paraben, PEG or other endocrine disruptors, no synthetic fragrances or dyes and it is certified organic by ECOCERT .


  • Always apply the mascara using its brush from the base of the eyelashes to the end, making small light zigzags with the tip of the mascara.
  • Let your lashes dry a little for a few seconds in order to apply a second coat.
  • For a natural but sublime effect at the same time, you can always pass a brush through the eyelashes to blur the result.
  • And if you use a foundation or finishing powder, please always put it before and not after to have an intense and voluminous black look.

As you will have understood, BelleauNaturel takes care of you while enhancing your beauty. Now all you have to do is find it on the site and then apply it to have a great holiday all the way to the end of your eyelashes.