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Two 100% ORGANIC ways to protect your skin in winter and summer

Protect your skin in winter and summer

in two ways 100% ORGANIC!

Facing the dry cold is not easy for anyone and even less for our skin... Between the different seasons and their various aggressions for our skin, we no longer know where to turn! How to protect your skin against cold, wind, humidity, sun rays, salt or even chlorine? Dryness of the skin, dull complexion, irritations, redness... and so on! Belle au Naturel is always there to give you the best advice in winter and summer!

Rule #1:Never Panic!

Rule #2:Listen to your skin!

Rule #3:Moisturize, nourish and protect your skin!

In winter

It is best to opt for an organic moisturizing and nourishing cream in winter, but above all rich in 100% organic natural vegetable oils. Indeed, you must nourish your skin in order to reconstitute the hydrolipidic film of our skin thanks to the fatty substances that your cream will provide. We will then turn to creams based on organic vegetable butter such as shea which will have a nourishing action or creams based on vegetable gel such as aloe vera which in addition to bringing nutrition to your skin it will have a healing, toning, moisturizing action .

What do the people want?

Beauty tip: apply your moisturizer once or twice a week (depending on the level of dryness of your skin) in a thick layer, leaving it to sit for a few minutes without spreading it too much on your face. Once these few minutes have passed, remove the excess with a soft cotton ball.

Result:your skin will be immediately softer and hydrated!

Advice :Whether your skin is dry or oily, we have an essential tip for you! Jojoba oil, yes yes... Although it is an oil (What? Would you say... For oily skin, it's not the best solution...), I'll tell you that you just need to know how to use it.

Properties of 100% ORGANIC jojoba oil: it is known for its beneficial effects for the skin as well as for the hair and is very similar to sebum. It can be applied as a sebum replacement for people with reduced sebum generation. It can also be used to eliminate excess sebum when preceded by an application of floral water (such as rose water for example). This oil also helps fight against skin problems such as acne and reduces age marks such as wrinkles.

When and how to use it?

During your make-up removal routine :remove make-up from your face using your 100% organic soap, gel or make-up remover. Once this step is complete, take a cotton pad (or washable wipe) that you will soak in floral water (rose water for example), wipe your face until there is no more traces of makeup. Then, apply your jojoba oil on your face, hazelnut will suffice.

In summer

Unlike the cold in winter, the heat wave invites itself during our holidays by the beach. So you're sure you still have to moisturize your skin with a cream in the summer? I would say NO and I will explain to you at the same time that 100% organic natural vegetable oils will be more effective in summer than a moisturizer.

First, some organic vegetable oils contain molecules that filter the sun's UV rays and are also very rich in antioxidants and help prevent the appearance of wrinkles. We all know that the sun accelerates the aging of the skin that's why resorting to these 100% organic oils in the summer would be much more effective if you want to keep your face young and sparkling!

Secondly, organic vegetable oils can be used in several ways:to fight against certain skin problems such as acne, to reduce scars, stretch marks, to promote hair growth , to nourish the skin in general, to remove make-up as we have seen previously, etc.

Which natural vegetable oils to choose

to spend a summer in style?

- 100% organic virgin coconut oil :multi-purpose and your perfect ally for this summer. Learn more here.

- The 100% organic carrot macerate: rich in vitamin A, promotes tanning, regenerates the epidermis.

- 100% organic jojoba oil :for dry, oily, combination skin whose benefits have been mentioned above.

- 100% organic avocado oil :for dry skin, it also reduces stretch marks and deeply nourishes the skin and hair.

- 100% organic sweet almond oil :for dry, irritable skin.