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This summer's 100% organic must-haves

100% ORGANIC:summer must-haves

That's it, here we are finally after long months of waiting... Summer is showing the end of its nose! The sun, the heat, goodbye to "healthy glow" effect foundations and make way for the perfect tan, but alas, we also encounter the problem of dry and dehydrated hair, skin damaged by the sun's rays, repeated sunstroke, brittle nails... Anyway, don't panic! You just have to know what to bring before going to wander on the warm sand beaches. So we say yes to the beach but with style, class and eco-responsibility always!

A short list of this summer's must-haves to stay Beautiful au Naturel, anyone? Let's go!

My #BelleAuNaturel ORGANIC beach bag

If there is one thing that will accompany you along the coast whether you are #bioaddict or even a novice, it is your eco-responsible beach bag.

My ORGANIC exfoliant

The miracle solution to enjoy a dream tan! Step one before exposing yourself to the sun for a tan that lasts longer .

My ORGANIC sunscreen

Who will protect you in the most natural way possible, because yes... Tanning is good, but protecting yourself is essential. It is therefore impossible for you to forget the ORGANIC sunscreen during your escapades in the sun.

My BIR carrot macerate

Rich in vitamin A, carrot macerate will promote tanning anddyed skin. It is also recommended as after-sun for the regeneration of the epidermis , to soften the skin and maintain a nice even tan.

My organic coconut oil

Apply after each exposure to the sun, it will bring a feeling of appeasement and calm the feeling of heat.

Reminder:coconut oil has several cosmetic uses, in fact it moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hair, it reduces stretch marks, it is used as a balm to lip or aftershave.

My organic aloe vera gel

It feeds andregenerates the skin against aging, it also eliminates dead cells that clog the pores of the skin. It also acts in prevention stretch marks, irritation, pain, sunburn.

Tip:Make your own gel or 100% ORGANIC aloe vera spray to fix and hydrate your hair this summer.

My organic antioxidant drink

Drinkuseful ! Bring your antioxidant drink which will preserve your youth capital as well as your health and which will help you eliminate all the toxins from your body and why not the stubborn little kilos.

Reminder:drink plenty of water!

My ORGANIC detangling spray with fruit acids

For shiny, light, protected and revitalized hair!

My ORGANIC nail polish

Yes yes ladies, it does exist! When we tell you that being beautiful naturally and having a clear conscience to the tips of your nails is possible...

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