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These natural ingredients that make your teeth white

Make your teeth white with

natural ingredients

If you're hesitant to discover your teeth when you smile because they've turned yellow, it might be time to take matters into your own hands. Many conventional toothpastes offer an action on whiteness, but we would only recommend that you turn to more natural or organic toothpastes. Simply because they will be healthier for your health. Consider that in conventional toothpaste you can find paraben which causes allergies, triclosan, a chemical preservative which is an endocrine disruptor or fluoride in too large quantities. Add to that that the composition of some of them is too abrasive.

Reveal the shine of your teeth

If we cannot count on chemical compositions to gain several shades, the natural is never lacking. A healthy lifestyle already helps to maintain white teeth. Also be aware that several foods or habits are likely to tarnish them such as tea, coffee, red wine, cigarettes, red fruits as well as acidic foods such as sodas. The goal is not to eliminate everything, but to consume in moderation.
Fortunately, there are other ways to keep your teeth white, but be careful not to use them too often so as not to damage the enamel:

  • It's THE all-purpose product, baking soda is a great ally! Put some on your toothbrush, having wet it beforehand, then gently rub your teeth with it.
  • Another solution would be to use a little lemon juice, because thanks to its acidity, it is able to remove stains and will also have an action against tartar deposits.
  • You ate a banana breakfast ? It's perfect, you just have to rub the inside of the skin against your teeth for about 2 minutes and let it act for about ten minutes to improve their whiteness. All thanks to potassium!