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True or false:organic myths

The Truth About Organic Myths

Why change the way you consume? How to switch to organic products? Where to buy them? So many questions to which Belle au naturel can bring you answers. Each month, you will discover quality brands that respect your well-being among the 5 full-size products contained in the box.

We also share our passion for organic and our convictions through various articles. To get you started with peace of mind and above all to know why to do it, we have provided several explanations in our article "Why prefer organic products?" ". Now we want to tackle the lingering myths about organic.

Organic is only a matter of marketing

It's wrong ! Real organic should not be confused with greenwashing. Many brands are surfing this wave hoping to encourage purchases. They highlight an organic ingredient on the label. However, the composition of the finished product does not meet the criteria of organic labels and always contains the same ingredients harmful to health.

Organic products are more expensive?

It is both true and false. As far as organic farming is concerned, it is good to know that it follows a natural production course, the cycles are not accelerated and therefore the yield is lower. It is a small compensation for products richer in taste and in contributions. That said, many families find economic tips without their shopping basket blowing their budget.

On the other hand, organic cosmetics do not cost more because, as in conventional cosmetics, there are low, medium and high-end products. In fact, there is L'Oréal like Chanel;-).

There is less choice in organic products

It's wrong ! Go for a walk in an organic store and you will be surprised at the variety that is available to you and that you will not find in the supermarket shelves. Still, the fruits and vegetables offered are in season. And for cosmetics, brands are developing more and more flowery, fruity or fresh fragrances to delight the most demanding. See for example the Born to bio shower gel brand to name but one.

Only organic cosmetics do not practice animal testing

It's wrong ! Although animal protection has been one of the spearheads of organic cosmetics since its inception, animal testing has been banned in the European Union since March 2013.