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Coconut oil:elected perfect beauty and health ally

Coconut oil:chosen perfect ally

beauty and health

You should know that coconut oil, rather fashionable in recent years, has been used for hundreds of years as a remedy in tropical regions.

Tip #1, choose your organic quality, cold-extracted oil to take advantage of all its benefits. Indeed, coconut oil naturally has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, smoothing and restorative properties that make it one of the stars of organic and natural cosmetics... But that's not all! I invite you to read the rest of the article to discover all its beauty and health secrets...

Beauty benefits: its many cosmetic uses

In nourishing and moisturizing care

It is perfect for nourishing and softening the skin after the shower while leaving the skin smelling delicious.

Lip balm

When it is at room temperature or at a temperature below 20°, its melting texture is then the subject of perfect lip care.

In make-up remover oil

You should know that there is nothing more effective than a greasy substance to remove all traces of makeup, i.e. even waterproof makeup does not resist it. To do this, take a make-up remover square in which you will have previously placed a dab of coconut oil. Massage gently and circularly all over your face and neck until there is no trace of makeup.

Coconut oil will remove not only makeup, but also all the bacteria and pollution that will have saturated your skin throughout the day. Finish by cleansing the skin with lukewarm water.

Result:soft and totally clean skin.

In hair care

The famous coconut oil bath nourishes and hydrates the hair fiber.

Advice for use:on hair dampened with hot water, apply the oil to the ends and lengths, avoiding the roots for those who have hair that gets greasy quickly. Then wrap everything in a heated towel for at least 40 minutes before your shampoo.

As a post-shave or waxing balm

It will nourish and soothe your skin while having a very pleasant anti-bacterial action.

To reduce stretch marks

Coconut oil is known to soften the skin, nourish it, but that's not all! It prevents the appearance of incipient stretch marks and reduces those already present.

In after-sun care

To be applied on sunburns, it will bring a feeling of calm and calm the feeling of heat. In addition, very good news for tanning enthusiasts, thanks to the vitamins A and E present in coconut oil, your tan will be prolonged.

Health benefits:A slimming food?

Hard to imagine that with 100% fat a food can be a slimming asset. However, several studies have shown that oils rich in MCTs like coconut oil can help with weight loss. MCTs are fats that the body burns faster and contain fewer calories. In addition, one gram of coconut oil contains fewer calories than a classic vegetable oil, which in the long term can make a significant difference in terms of caloric intake.

If you want to lose weight, you have found your slimming ally for this summer!

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