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How to moisturize your lips?

If you are asked what do you look at in a person, most people will answer "the mouth" because it is a symbol of sensuality. Except that if you have unattractive lips it's a complex... So why moisturize your lips? At the end of the article, I give you some tips to take care of our little mouth...

The cold temperatures have (finally unfortunately) arrived and our whole body feels it. Especially our mouth. Why ?

Our lips are covered with a very thin protective film (5 times thinner than for the face to give you an idea). A small problem arises when we realize that our mouth is permanently exposed to the outside:cold, heat, sun, wind, saliva, biting and so on. Nothing worse than tearing off the little skins that form...

Hydrating our lips helps to repair them, strengthen them and make them visually prettier.

Before moisturizing our lips, we must first exfoliate them. For this, a homemade "recipe":honey (preferably ORGANIC!) with a little sugar. Then you gently rub this mixture on your lips. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. If you don't like honey, substitute it with olive oil.

Then we can (in fact, we MUST it's better) pass a lip balm on our mouth. It is an essential. This allows you to deeply hydrate, then you can take it wherever you go.

Besides, I recommend the one present in the box of the month of Belle au Naturel, since the latter is "hydrating, restorative and greedy". You can add as soon as the need arises. Beeswax helps keep your lips well hydrated and regain lost comfort with a dry mouth.

Don't forget to go out covered especially when you go skiing:hat, scarf and all that goes with it! Also, drinking plenty of water to hydrate yourself from the inside is just as important.


Do not pass your tongue over your mouth because it actually dries out your lips a lot. Even if at first it seems to have a positive effect. It evaporates quickly and dries out. What's more, our saliva contains enzymes that dehydrate our tissues.

Don't wear "long-lasting" lipsticks because they not only dry out your mouth, but also prevent your lips from breathing.

Exit foods that contain too much acidity (like lemons, vinegar or even mustard for example), it stings, it hurts and it's not good for your mouth. To eat it favor the fork to avoid any direct contact with our tissues. (Spicy dishes are also to be avoided).

Breathing through your mouth promotes chapping so when you think about it, breathe through your nose.

Cigarettes dehydrate and discolor lips, so avoid smoking...

To your lip balms!!

Marianne, from Advice Of Beauty