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5 ways to recharge your batteries!

  1. Eat unprocessed and organic products

Products that keep for a long time are processed or industrial products and contain too much sugar, salt, preservatives and fats.

All the chemical treatments that food has undergone destroy the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that are good for our body.

And this is the whole source of the problem since the muscles and the brain are not nourished properly and the blood sugar level is not maintained at the right level.

All this causes mood swings, memory problems, depression and low motivation.

To recognize these processed products it's simple, they are generally packaged foods. Since it is quite difficult to do everything yourself due to lack of time, give preference to products from organic stores.

  1. Eat protein in the morning

Breakfast is the most important meal because it gives you all the energy you need to start the day.

The body has undergone a fast of several hours, so it must be restarted correctly. Eating a full breakfast will keep you in shape and prevent you from snacking in the morning.

In France, we tend to eat too much sugar in the morning with a particular attraction for fast sugars (cereals, pastries, cakes, etc.). The problem with this type of breakfast is that the fast sugars are consumed immediately by the body so two or three hours later, the body is in hypoglycemia and it demands sugar again. Sugar then becomes a real addiction and in addition to being bad for health and the line, it causes a drop in concentration and productivity.

We are one of the only countries that does not consume protein for breakfast, although it is the ideal solution to cravings and low energy in the middle of the morning. Turkey breast, salmon, eggs, cottage cheese, chia seeds are protein-rich and delicious foods for the morning.

  1. Drink plenty of water

This gesture may seem trivial to you, but it is very important because many people are dehydrated without knowing it.

This state of dehydration caused by the loss of water (sweating, high consumption of coffee, alcohol or foods that are too sweet and too salty) will lead to a decrease in minerals in the body. All this causes a feeling of fatigue and weariness and therefore brings us directly to our tip number 4.

  1. Think about energizing infusions

Drinking tea makes it easier to consume water during the day, but the best thing is to take infusions that are naturally rich in nutrients that are excellent for the body. Find in the December BelleauNaturel box an ORGANIC black tea with citrus and cinnamon scents perfectly suited to the holiday season.

  1. Stretching regularly

Like animals, humans need to stretch regularly to release muscle and joint tension. Just take a few minutes a day to re-energize the body. The ideal is to start the day with a few movements when you get out of bed in order to gently put the body into action and prepare it for external aggressions. Practice these small gestures on a daily basis and you will not only be in Olympic form, but you will avoid getting sick in any gust of wind.

See you soon and Happy Holidays!

Laura – Youth and Sports