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How to take care of your hands in winter?

Fall has arrived, and winter is already fast approaching. This is felt on our body and our organism. Our skin lets us know that it is lacking in hydration and that we should think about taking care of it.

How to take care of your hands, fingers and nails in winter? Let's see this right now...

Make your Hydrating Hand Mask

you'll need :

- Olive oil (for hydration),

- Half a lemon (to whiten the nails),

- And honey (preferably organic).

You mix these three foods in order to obtain a kind of creamy paste. Dip your nails, fingers and spread a little on your hands. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and...enjoy the result!

This mask should be done once a week.

Moisturize daily with hand creams

There are multiple hand creams, the ideal being an ORGANIC cream because this guarantees that it does not contain petrochemical derivatives such as paraben. I recommend the beeswax hand cream selected by the BelleauNaturel November box.

Bees are man's best friend, hive products are very good for our organism. The cream allows dry and weakened hands to soothe them and protect against external aggressions.

Put on gloves

Taking care of your hands also involves protecting them with clothing. Putting on gloves when you go outside, or even when you do the dishes, for example, helps protect them. The cold does not come to touch your epidermis and we can keep their hydration.

Here are some tips on hand protection and hydration. It's always nicer and nicer to have pretty hands, isn't it?

Marianne from adviceofbeauty