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Detoxify your body 100%

The return from vacation is here, you had fun, you certainly ate well, drank well, in short, you enjoyed it! But on the eve of returning to work your "little" excesses are starting to be felt? I therefore offer you a good cleaning of your body with a small 24-hour detox program in order to put our body at rest in order to be fresh and ready to return to work.

Step 1:waking up

The latter should be done gently, but be careful not to be tempted by sleeping in too late, because getting up too late, like at noon, will shift your sleep cycle and make you even more tired. I therefore recommend an alarm clock that will not exceed 10 am, 10:30 am.

Once out of bed, squeeze a whole lemon into a large glass of hot water, which you will need to drink in small sips, and opt for a breakfast rich in fiber. (Oat flakes mixed with a little vegetable milk and seasonal fruits, Beautiful slices of wholemeal bread accompanied by a little organic jam)
Thus, you will improve your intestinal transit, often undermined during the holidays.

And to finish, prepare yourself a cup of green tea, the detox ally par excellence.

Step 2:De-clogging!

Once satiated, it will be necessary to continue the elimination of toxins by an activity which will increase our perspiration.

For the more courageous, I suggest you put on your sneakers and go for a good 20 minutes run, or indulge in cardio exercises at home.
For those like me who have a little trouble running and prefer the gentle method, I suggest a good hot water bath. But don't count on resting there, because you'll have to take care of your body.
To do this, exfoliate your body with CASSIDAINE's organic coffee slimming body exfoliant to eliminate dead skin residue, but also to improve blood circulation and thus oxygenate your skin.

When you get out of your bath, apply an oil to tone and nourish your skin, such as KAÉ COSMETIQUE's Organic Toning Body Oil.
Now let's move on to your face, and yes, contrary to popular belief, holidays are not always relaxing, and we don't all come back with a rested complexion. To remedy this, you will need to start by cleansing your skin with a soap-free foam such as YLAE's Organic Facial Cleansing Foam, ideal for refreshing your complexion. You already feel better, don't you? However, no makeup for this detox day, just to let your skin rest.

Step 3: regain strength

How are you going to tell me? First of all, you know that a good detox goes through good hydration. Water, water, more water and more water!!!

You should drink at least 1.5L during the day. Of course you can supplement with "detox" drinks. For lunch, you will need to eat 150g of white meat or fat-free plain fish, accompanied by a plate of raw vegetables or steamed vegetables. WARNING ! The only permitted seasoning will be a spoonful of olive oil. Once again, all this with the aim of regaining strength without putting too much strain on your body.

Step 4:Make time for yourself

The meal is finished in the early afternoon and begins and a little nap is needed, in order to recover the missed hours of sleep and hold out until the evening. In addition, sleep helps regenerate the cells of the epidermis. But be careful, it should not exceed 30 minutes otherwise you will begin a deep sleep cycle which, once interrupted, will leave you in a "comatose" state.

Once rested, you must return to your bathroom for a new series of treatments. Indeed, after having properly cleansed the skin of your face this morning, and in order to obtain a radiant complexion, I now advise you to make yourself a moisturizing and detoxifying face mask such as the Organic face mask from GUERANDE COSMETICS that will provide hydration to your face and leave the skin luminous and smooth.

But have I forgotten anything? Siiiiiii, the hair, because it too needs to be cleaned up. For this, you will need to use a treatment based on essential oils. After your usual shampoo, you will apply the product to the roots then massage gently, in depth, by circular movements. Finally, rinse off with lukewarm water.

To end this afternoon in a gentle and relaxing way, go for a short walk of at least 30 minutes. This will oxygenate your blood system and make you feel good.

Step 5:to finish

Prepare yourself an ultra supra mega light dinner, a small vegetable broth. A true grandmother's remedy, soup is the epitome of deox.

To compose it, all you need is 2 onions, 2 tomatoes, 1 pepper, ½ green cabbage, 1 stalk of celery, 2 leeks and a bunch of aromatic herbs. After washing, peeling and dicing them, boil them for 10 minutes in 1.5 L of water then simmer for 1 hour over low heat. Do not mix the vegetables in order to preserve the vitamins and trace elements which contribute to the elimination of waste. You can accompany this little soup with a slice of wholemeal bread and fruit.

And before going to bed, for example, apply to your face a night care rich in hyaluronic acid known for its relaxing and plumping effects.

Take care of yourself, and know how to stay beautiful naturally.

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