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Coconut shares all its secrets!

Coconut... this fruit came straight from paradise islands! It is generally known for its delicious taste and nutritional qualities, but did you also know that coconut has other virtues?

In addition to its sweet, enveloping and intoxicating fragrance that reminds us of the sweet melody of summer vacation. Coconut has many qualities:it moisturizes, protects, nourishes and softens the skin. From now on, coconut is part of our beauty routines.

All the secrets of the walnut


1 - Coconut milk to gently cleanse your face

Indeed, coconut milk's main quality is its ultra-nourishing power. Removing makeup with coconut milk will ensure gentle makeup removal and bring vitamins and minerals to your skin. Plus, it's easy to make.
You just need to heat 45 ml of orange blossom water by diluting 20 g of coconut milk powder. Mix with a small whisk and you will obtain a make-up remover that smells divine. For good storage (about 3 months) add 10 drops of undiluted rosemary essential oil. And now your coconut milk is ready.

2 - Coconut milk to hydrate the body

Rich in fatty acids, coconut also has emollient properties:it relaxes and softens the skin. Thus, we pamper ourselves with coconut by smearing the body and face with body butters, body milk or even shower gel.

3 - Grated coconut to exfoliate

You can also use grated and dried coconut to exfoliate and prolong your tan. Thanks to the coconut, you can make a homemade scrub, with the delicious scent of cake. This homemade scrub is suitable for all skin types, and even the most sensitive skin.

For 8 scrubs, you will need:

- 70g grapeseed oil
- 70 g powdered cane sugar
- 50 g dehydrated grated coconut (from the baking department)
- 40 drops of orange essential oil
- 6 drops Grapefruit Seed Extract

In a bowl, mix the sugar and coconut well.
In your container that will serve as storage for your scrub, pour the oil and essential oil:close and mix before incorporating the sugar/coconut mixture into the oil.

This preparation can be kept for several months provided you do not introduce water into the jar during use. It is applied to wet skin. Simply massage gently in circular motions, leave for a few minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. But if you're like me and prefer to use a "ready-made" product, just get the Organic Coco Loco Exfoliant from Comette Cosmetics

4 - Coconut oil to strengthen your hair

For dry or dull hair, coconut oil is a good ally. Indeed, it is very effective in repairing damaged hair. If you have split ends, all you need to do is apply coconut oil to the ends about once every two weeks and leave on overnight before washing your hair the next morning.

Coconut oil is also very effective against dandruff and… Lice. Indeed, it asphyxiates the lice. So just put a lot, wait a bit, then brush". A good natural alternative with a more pleasant smell.

And if you go to the sea this summer, coconut oil

can protect your hair by mixing

- 2 cups hot water,
- 1 tbsp. tablespoons salt,
- 1 tbsp. tablespoon coconut oil,
- And 1 tbsp. conditioner.

Pour it all into a spray bottle and use as often as you want at the beach.

Coconut has just given you some of its secrets, take care of yourself and stay beautiful naturally

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