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Summer is finally here !

A real pleasure to finally enjoy this sun which deposits a nice tan on our winter complexion. The holidays are coming, your skin is almost ready and you will be able to enjoy this sunny happiness.

But that doesn't stop you from giving it a little boost, to our friend the sun, or even downright a big one if, like me, you're going to work all summer and you live in an area where we have the used to say that there are two seasons, winter and August 15! And that's a good thing, because July's Belle au Naturel box is just perfect for that...

As you have followed the advice of the last month, your skin is at its best!

To give it nice colors, all you have to do is apply Nabalsy's "Teint soleil" oil. A care oil with argan, carrot and urucum that will give you a healthy glow, prepare, enhance and prolong your tan!

Apply it on the body as on the face, make it penetrate well, ideally after exposure.
Before the exhibition, we put on sunscreen, of course! (for example, the AC organic sun spray index 30!)
Why after the exhibition? Quite simply because in addition to giving your skin a nice tan, this care oil helps it regenerate, and it will need it after a day of greeting the sun!

To highlight that tan and your pretty face as well as other targeted spots (why not, after all?), go all out with Studio 78 Paris' "On scintille" illuminating powder.
A powder that is suitable for all skin types, even if your complexion is more porcelain or ebony than honey or tanned! A powder that illuminates, softens with a soft and light texture whose use will vary according to your desires and needs!

Is it beach day?

Go for a mermaid look:a little blue on the lids, but especially the illuminating powder under the brow bone, at the corners of the eyes, on the cheekbones and on the shoulders.

At the market?

Apply the illuminating powder in the inner corner of the eyes, and under the arch, a little black mascara, and you're done. A light make-up but ideal for these hot days wandering between the stalls!

Is it aperitif time?

A light pencil stroke, for example the Jambo of Couleur Caramel and apply the powder as before. Add a bit of Terracotta Teint Soleil by Couleur Caramel to sculpt your face.

Are we out?

There, we dare! Insist on these pretty eyes, and on this superb neckline! Put the powder on your eyes, your cheekbones, your cupid's bow, in the hollow of your neckline and on your shoulders!

Not lucky enough to be on vacation?

So what ? Use the flash by caramel color kit, apply brown on the eyelid, dark brown in the outer corner of the eye, and illuminating powder in the inner corner of the eye to enhance your look!

If with all this, you are not the brightest this summer!

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Photo credits:Agathe Duffaut Photographs