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Detox, the good resolutions of this beginning of the year

Like every year, you let yourself go during the end-of-year celebrations. No need to feel guilty! To help your liver and kidneys function well, kick off the new year by following these sweet detox resolutions.

Your first cute sin was the heavy consumption of chocolate... You have a dull complexion or even acne. Your organism is saturated and the liver in particular. A glass of carrot juice or a detox herbal tea a day is enough to remedy this problem.

Feel free to eat raw fruits or vegetables. Low in calories, but rich in antioxidants, they fill the stomach and their fiber aids digestion. Organic products are a plus, without forgetting to take them very fresh to benefit from their vitamins, be locavores!

Fibers are sugars so complex that they are not digested, allowing rapid evacuation of waste.
It is also essential to drink to flush out toxins and drain them out of your body. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. You will help your kidneys eliminate internal pollutants that congest your body.
To help your flora properly assimilate the nutrients on your plate and eliminate organic waste, you can boost it by consuming lacto-fermented foods. But also by consuming probiotics in the form of powder, capsules or tablets, which will colonize your intestinal mucosa and improve the digestion of food.

This month with Belle au naturel, you can benefit from a Zen rest cure in the form of tablets. This cure is based on plants that help promote relaxation, sleep and physical and mental well-being. Ideal after spicy parties and to start 2019 on the right foot!

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