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10 benefits of gold in cosmetics

10 benefits of gold in cosmetics

Symbol of luxury and fortune, gold is not only used to design jewelry, these virtues in cosmetics have been known for a very long time! In ancestral Chinese medicine or even in ancient Egyptian culture, gold dust was already used to beautify the complexion. Here are these 10 benefits of gold in cosmetics.

Gold for luscious lips

The use of gold as a lifting product also allows you to have a plumped mouth. As it acts on wrinkles by smoothing the epidermis and helping the skin to keep its hydration, it therefore allows the skin to remain swollen. It homogenizes the surface of the skin. In general, gold is used as a patch. It is to be posed for several minutes around the mouth. As it hardens, it stimulates the cells to swell.

Gold for complexion radiance

It is possible to use gold to have a luminous complexion. It is not only about making the skin shine from the outside, gold also brings nourishing active ingredients to the skin, to restore its radiance. Being a singular light reflector, it has the ability to unify the texture of the skin and to correct fine lines in a pleasant way. To achieve this, it is advisable to apply your gold-enriched treatment in the evening before going to bed. It helps the cells. During the night, gold will help your cells to get rid of the impurities accumulated during the day and will act on the skin to make it sparkling in the morning. Several products are provided with 18 carat or 24 carat gold, for example, the beauty elixir enriched with Organic 24K Gold from Couleur Caramel warms the complexion, ensures a light tanned complexion and revives tired faces.

Gold to rejuvenate the skin

Antioxidant par excellence, gold is indeed ten times more powerful than hyaluronic acid. This ability to protect the cells that make up the epidermis and dermis from oxidation allows it to optimize the production of natural collagen and fight against free radicals (pollution, smoke, etc.). In this way, the skin is more reactive and regenerates faster. It renews itself and therefore remains young.

Gold to stimulate the skin

The application of a gold-based treatment also improves blood circulation because it acts on the deeper layers of the skin. Apply your treatment by making small circles with your fingers while massaging gently. In this way, the cells are stimulated and the blood vessels are helped to work better.

Gold to regenerate cells

Gold is an element capable of preserving moisture in the skin. Admittedly, it is not particularly hydrating but it helps the cells to retain their hydration. It is also able to support the maintenance of collagen in the skin by preventing elastin from breaking down. In this way, it optimizes cell renewal. This reduces the appearance of signs of aging and helps the skin maintain its suppleness.

Gold to tone the skin

To keep its tone, the skin needs a product that optimizes its elasticity. Gold restores perfect extensibility to the epidermis, which considerably reduces the risk of tightness of the skin. Gold does not only act on the outer surface of the skin, it also acts in depth, which is why it is preferable to apply your treatment in the evening in order to benefit from all these benefits during the night.

Gold to smooth the skin

Having smooth skin is simply pleasant to the touch and to the eye. Gold helps to smooth the lines of the skin. It acts as a real lifting and removes dark circles, expression lines or fine lines. Result:the skin of your face will be firmer. Gold trace elements densify the epidermis and reshape the contours of the face. It also rebalances the hydrolipidic film which protects the skin.

Gold for a lifted look

To emphasize the look, it is also possible to use a gold-based solution. It can smooth fine lines and decongest puffiness around the eyes. In this way, the treatment can reduce the bluish coloring of dark circles and eliminate tired eyes. Its smoothing action will optimize the results. Your gaze will be calmer.

Gold to boost the epidermis

Gold boosts the immune system by stimulating cell metabolism. It is also anti-inflammatory. Thus, it is able to revitalize the skin by helping it to heal faster. According to current studies, it even has the virtue of reducing the risk of skin cancer. Nevertheless, for the benefits to be conclusive, it is necessary to choose products that have a maximum of gold. In other words, the quantity of the precious metal in the solution affects its actions and its performance.

Gold for better makeup hold

Gold as a mask before make-up helps pores to open up and better receive make-up products. It also helps the cells of the epidermis to retain products and prevent them from running down the face. It therefore acts as a sort of fixing base that optimizes the shine of the skin and helps to keep a natural effect even with make-up.