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These jewels that highlight you during an evening

Have you been invited to a cocktail party or a chic evening? A festive outfit is inconceivable without matching accessories. In this article, we will then see together the jewelry to choose and how to wear it to be elegant and stylish during an evening.

The yellow gold pendant, the ideal jewel for an evening

It is possible to opt for a yellow gold pendant to bring a touch of luxury and refinement to your outfit. It goes just as well with a necklace as a thin bracelet.

It will sparkle at the end of a chain, to illuminate your evening outfit and will make you shine with a thousand lights. The advantage of this type of gold jewelry is that it is suitable for all styles, whether with an evening dress or an everyday dress.

You can find yellow gold pendants of all shapes in jewelry stores. They can be adorned with different stones:topaz, diamond, citrine, ruby, sapphire, emerald

The necklace, essential jewelry for a touch of elegance

The necklace is the essential accessory for any great event. To match your yellow gold pendant, you will have to opt for a yellow gold necklace . The style of the necklace will depend on the type of dress you are going to wear.

If you wear a maxi neckline, you can very well wear a long necklace or a choker. The jumper is particularly ideal for maxi dresses with fluid cutouts. A strapless dress or a round neck will go very well with a classic necklace or a choker. On the other hand, if you wear a dress with a high collar, you can do without the necklace to avoid overloading your outfit. The important thing is to think about the harmony of the silhouette.

Earrings for a sublime head wear

After the choice of the necklace and the pendant, it is necessary to pass to the earrings. Again, you will have to think about the harmony of the outfit. For a necklace that is already very visible, avoid wearing earrings that are too long, which would overload your outfit.

Discreet earrings will fit perfectly. If you wear a choker necklace or another slightly more discreet model, you have the choice between fine drop earrings or, on the contrary, imposing and glamorous earrings. To be sure not to make any false note, you can opt for sure values ​​such as creoles or sleepers that work with any outfit.

The bracelet, the delicate jewel for your evening outfit

A bracelet in string is an ideal choice to accompany an evening outfit. The choice of bracelet style will depend on your outfit. If you already wear a dress with a lot of rhinestones, opt for a fine gold model for example.

Otherwise, you can very well afford shiny bracelets and even use several of them. It is also important to adapt the size of your bracelet to that of your wrist for a question of aesthetics, but also of comfort.

With these few tips, you will be sure to be the most beautiful!