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Beauty secret interview, 6 questions to Camille from

Interview with Camille from

1# Let's talk a bit about yourself, could you introduce yourself in a few lines please?

I'm Camille, I'm 28 years old and I created Vintage Make-up 8 years ago! I am the mother of a little girl of almost 3 years old, and I live in Lille. When I was 19, I was a photo model for Karl Lagerfeld and that's when I started to really take an interest in make-up techniques, I learned a lot from make-up professionals who crossed my path. I started by learning to reproduce iconic make-up inspired by vintage icons... Then my way of consuming make-up evolved, and today I am very attached to buying organic, natural cosmetics with a list of ingredients. short. On, I offer my beauty advice, selections of products or boxes but also beauty services in partnership with professional make-up artists:we accompany you for your wedding make-up, or to organize a make-up workshop for an EVJF by example.

2# Since when did you realize that using organic &natural care was essential?

I walked slowly towards organic and natural. I would say that my first step in being ecologically conscious of my purchases was made around the same time as my transition to vegetarianism, 5 years ago. I took a closer look at the brands of my cosmetics and gradually eliminated brands that were not cruelty-free . Then I learned about the many organic labels and I tried to replace the conventional cosmetics I had with their organic and/or natural equivalents.

3# Could you list the beauty routines you practice in your everyday life?

I never start a day without going through the hydration box:I use a hydrating serum most of the time. which revives the radiance of the complexion. I then make up, very often the eyes, but not always the complexion. I make up my complexion about once or twice a week, to let my skin breathe the rest of the time. The other very important point of my routine is make-up removal:I remove make-up absolutely every night when I go to bed, whatever time it is. I use an organic micellar water with washable cotton squares with liberty patterns. I also make it a point of honor to do at least one makeup-free day a week.

4# What are your tips for not skipping a beauty ritual?

I book days of the week to do some redundant care. For example, I always start my week with a hair mask and an organic pink clay mask. Between two, I insert at least one face scrub in the middle of the week. In order not to skip an essential ritual such as make-up removal, I always keep visible in my bathroom my bottle of micellar water and my washable squares to think about in the evening.

5# Do you regularly adapt your beauty routines?

My beauty routines change mainly according to the seasons:I do little or no exfoliation on my face in the summer (I already tan little, I try to keep my summer good looks for a long time), and I do more moisturizing care in the winter. It's not uncommon for me to use a nighttime moisturizer in the winter to nourish my skin. Likewise, the very rich creams for hands and feet are constantly available in the 4 corners of my house in winter.

6# Could you describe your favorite natural beauty routine at the moment?

In this spring period, what I prefer is to do without rose water on my face after removing makeup and when I wake up. I love this smell and my skin is very fresh. Thank you very much, follow Camille on these networks:Facebook: Instagram: Have a nice day