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Natural beauty, living to the rhythm of nature

When we talk about beauty, we always tend to think of various cosmetics, etc. And yet, it is also possible to remain beautiful naturally. It also doesn't say that you have to stop taking care of yourself. On the contrary, it is quite possible to make a beauty with everything that nature offers us. In naturopathy, the body has all the capacities to regenerate and therefore to heal itself. However, it must be given the time and the opportunity to do so. To achieve this, we must review our lifestyle, our hygiene, etc. and live in harmony with our environment. You also have to know how to take advantage of what Mother Nature gives us for free:the earth, the water, the sun, the air, the animals and the plants.


Everyone knows that the earth is made up of several elements and we can all use them to make our beauty. There is for example clay, a kind of rock made up of minerals arranged in sheets. It is rich in trace elements including potassium, magnesium and aluminum. It also contains many mineral salts. These elements are good for several parts of our body. The use of clay for our beauty is then essential. We can use clay in many situations. It is good for oily skin that produces too much sebum and regulates its Ph. It is also a perfect element for hair that tends to get greasy quickly. Some naturopaths even use clay as ingredients to treat various infections including stomach aches.

It is also possible to use stones that come out of the ground for beauty. With energy and a strong vibration, several types of stone are used in the field of cosmetics, well-being and health. They have different characteristics depending on their composition. Their use varies according to the needs but also to the system of subtle energies then by interaction of our body. Some stones are used for massages (hot stones), others are worn to generate positive vibes (quartz, crystal, etc.).


Water is one of the vital elements inseparable from our daily lives. A person should drink at least a liter and a half a day. But water can give us much more and turn into an important ingredient and not just a drink. There are indeed different ways to use it for our beauty, health and well-being. For example, we can carry out depurative and revitalizing internal cures with distilled water or hydroxylase water. These two types of water, whether treated or not, contain trace elements that eliminate toxins accumulated in the body. They are remineralizing and alkalizing.

For pure well-being, we can also use sea water. Using sea plasma (sea water reduced to the same salinity level as blood) is almost similar to our plasma blood. It can therefore meet the needs of our cells. In addition to regulating Ph, this water supplements deficiencies in trace elements and minerals.

We can also play with the temperature of the water for the benefit of our body and to optimize our beauty. For example, hot water is detoxifying, cold water is revitalizing and lukewarm water is restful, tranquilizing and calming.

The sun and the air

Source of light but also of energy, it is also an essential element for our health. It regulates our biological rhythms. It provides us with essential vitamins for the proper functioning of our entire body. In addition to its action on our nervous system, the sun also participates in stimulating the production of red and white blood cells in our blood. We must therefore not forget to expose ourselves from time to time to the sun without abusing it too much because it risks damaging our skin.

We can schedule, for example, sunbathing sessions in the garden, by the water, on the seashore, etc. About 10 to 15 minutes during the hours of mild sunshine is enough to capture the essential elements for the body offered by the sun. It is enough to protect certain parts of the body which should not be too exposed to the sun's rays, such as the face. The lower and upper limbs, the back, the stomach or the chest must receive their sunburn.

As for air, the most essential element for living, the goal is to allow yourself moments to enjoy clean air. It is then necessary to move away from the urban universe to find it. In nature like the forest, the seaside, in the mountains, etc., you can breathe pure air which will stimulate your nervous system, your skin and all the rest of your organism.

Animals and plants

These are elements that also constitute nature. We can therefore take advantage of it to optimize our health, our beauty and our well-being. They also give us an incredible plethora of ingredients.

We can, for example, obtain products from animals such as honey, which is given by bees. Everyone knows that this viscous liquid is a perfect ally of beauty, well-being and health. It is used as the main ingredient in various recipes for the skin, for the face in particular, for the hair or even for the organs. It does not need to be processed, it can be used plain. Milk is also an interesting animal product, although many people are also allergic to it. It can be used for beauty or health and well-being. There are various ways to benefit from it.

When it comes to plants, nature is like a big open-air pharmacy. Trees, fruits, flowers, etc., everything has characteristics and properties that can help us in our beauty and well-being rituals. We can also use it to prevent, cure or relieve various ailments.