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Pamper yourself with monoi

Monoï is an ancestral Polynesian oil that has always been used for the care and beautification of the body. It is designed with plant ingredients (tiare flower and coconut oil) and is appreciated by women for its exceptional beauty properties. Learn more about the benefits of this wonderful product in this article and find out how to use it to pamper yourself in winter.

The preparation and properties of monoi

Monoi is a complete treatment that is renowned for its nourishing, soothing and softening properties on the skin of babies, children and adults. This oil is a real ally to cultivate your well-being in all seasons, especially during the winter period.

How is monoi made?

The Polynesian word monoi means "fragrant oil" is used to designate the preparation obtained by macerating Tiare flower buds in coconut oil . The latter is itself extracted from coconuts harvested in French Polynesia. They must be perfectly ripe and picked from the coral soils. The Tiare flowers from Tahiti, for their part, give the oil a sweet and intoxicating fragrance reminiscent of hot summer days or the beaches of paradisiacal and exotic islands.

The properties of monoi

Traditionally, monoi is used in Polynesia for religious rituals such as the anointing of children, purification, etc. This oil also has properties particularly appreciated in dermatology and cosmetics. It offers a progressive and lasting moisturizing action (between 4 and 6 hours after application). Its moisturizing effect is comparable to that of the very rich shea butter. Monoi is also used for the care of damaged and dry hair . Its restorative effect can be compared to that of jojoba oil. Finally, use monoi oil for your body:it is able to effectively protect your skin subjected to the harmful effects of the sun, cold, wind and salt. When buying, be sure to opt for a labeled oil that displays the designation of origin "monoï de Tahiti" . Privilege the purchase in parapharmacy, in pharmacy, in specialized stores and on dedicated web platforms. You will be sure to benefit from a quality product.

The impact of winter cold on the skin

Although winter is an opportunity to enjoy, for example, sports specific to this season, it is accompanied by a cold which, unfortunately, is not always good for the skin. The latter becomes rough after the walks in the woods, the slopes descended on skis or sledges which we have taken advantage of. The skin of the lips and hands, meanwhile, cracks and cracks . The explanation is simple:when the temperature drops, the body preserves its heat by irrigating the vital organs rather than the skin on the surface. Sebum production is reduced by half and the skin loses its elasticity because it struggles to protect itself from external aggressions (wind, cold, drought, temperature change).

Monoï is your winter beauty and well-being ally

During the winter season, you are more tired and your skin and hair need special care. Maximum hydration is necessary to preserve their softness. Monoi also proves to be an ally of choice necessary for relaxation during this period when everything seems gray and dull.

The relaxing virtues of monoi in winter

Winter is a season conducive to relaxation and well-being. Indeed, we are more tired during this period than the rest of the year . With its velvety texture and sweet smell, monoi is perfect for relaxing. At the end of the day after your shower or bath, give yourself some time to relax and treat yourself to a "Taurumi" or monoi massage to relax. Heat the oil in the palm of your hands, then massage your body following the lines of energy that start from the tips of your hair to your toes. You can also pour a few drops of the precious oil into your bath to protect your skin from limescale.

Adopt a care routine for your body

Have you ever noticed the beauty and shine of the epidermis of vahine women? Their secret is both natural and simple:they take care of their skin by using and abusing monoi. This product is ideal for preventing premature aging and drying of the skin . It deeply nourishes even very damaged or atopic skin by penetrating the epidermis to plump up the tissues and acts as a protective film. To definitively say goodbye to the croc skin of which we are all victims when the cold is on the tip of its nose, we encourage you to apply it daily. It acts in prevention, but also as a cure for skin that is soft to the touch, thanks in particular to the softening properties of coconut oil. In winter, get into the habit of pouring a few drops into your body lotion or your bath water to regain supple and soft skin. In the bath, you can add to 20 ml of monoi oil about fifteen drops of rose geranium essential oil as well as 5 drops of mandarin essential oil.

Create a beauty routine for your face and hair

For day and night care,apply a few drops of monoi oil to your chest and face to moisturize . This treatment is ideal if you have damaged, dry or sagging skin. It is also effective in treating chapped lips or cracked feet. Generally, it is best to apply monoi on damp skin to facilitate penetration. Monoi oil is used as a nourishing treatment or as a hair balm to repair and make hair shiny . Polynesian women use it on their hair without rinsing it to protect it from UV rays and to coat the hair fibre. Monoi facilitating detangling, it can be used as a conditioner if your hair is fine. It is able to straighten the most unruly hair and is ideal for those with frizzy, damaged, dull, brittle, dry or split hair.