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7 tips to avoid dry hands

We realize more easily that our hands are dry when autumn arrives, because the cold weather but our hands face aggressions every day... Here are some tips to avoid them.

1. Use a surgras soap

Wash your hands with a mild, greasy soap that does not dry out the skin.

2. Apply your nourishing hand cream every morning

Moisturize your hands every morning with a suitable organic treatment such as Terra IPSUM's ORGANIC nourishing hand cream.

3. Apply your nourishing hand cream every evening

Also apply your nourishing hand cream at bedtime, your skin will have all night to absorb the benefits of your treatment.

4. Choose a hand cream containing powerful moisturizing active ingredients

Here are the main natural moisturizing active ingredients that you will find in nourishing organic hand care:

- Organic shea butter

- Organic sweet almond oil

- Organic argan oil

- Organic olive oil

- Beeswax

5. Do not put your hands in contact with corrosive products

Of course it seems stupid, but do you really do it every time? Put on latex gloves to use household products. You can avoid the use of industrial cleaners and favor homemade products.

6. Exfoliate the skin of your hands regularly

Exfoliate your hands twice a month, massaging the skin to promote blood circulation and eliminate bacteria and toxins. Before using a treatment, immerse your hands in a basin of hot water to open the pores and promote the penetration of the active agents.

7. Take your hand cream everywhere with you

Make a habit of having your tube of nourishing hand cream in your bag, so you can put it on whenever you feel the need.

8. Wear Gloves daily in Winter

In winter, wearing gloves is stylish and it protects your hands from the cold.

Stéphanie from the BelleauNaturel blog