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Keep your skin young:regenerating care

As the years go by, our skin ages. And yes, it is normal and natural!
And who says aging, says a more or less impaired renewal of skin cells. This renewal will slow down and we will have a feeling of skin dryness, blurred complexion, thickened skin...

Little by little, we will see the appearance of wrinkles, a loss of tone, and sagging skin. We are not all equal when it comes to skin aging.

On the one hand, our biological clock will play, but also our hormones.
On the other hand, our way of life:stress, tobacco and our environment:the sun for example plays a very important role in the aging of the skin.

To combat these points, special attention must be paid to avoiding dehydration of the skin. Dehydrated skin will tend to be more marked by wrinkles, expression or not.
And even if our wrinkles, we like them (or not) because they bear witness to our experience, the fact remains that our skin deserves the best!

First of all, we can't say it enough:hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! This is the basis.

For real anti-aging care for your face, take advantage of the benefits of the following treatments:

First, cleanse your skin with Oxalia's organic micellar water. Always make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying your care!

Then apply the organic regenerating face serum received in the November box!

It contains moisturizing, stimulating and smoothing active ingredients.
Rose floral water, anti-aging essential, moisturizing glycerin, acacia gum and its lifting effect, beech buds and their smoothing effect, apricot oil which revives the complexion... A perfect treatment to take care of all skin types but especially to keep skin young!

Then apply a face cream like the organic firming cream from Olala Cosmetics received last month, perfect with its regenerating active ingredients!
Vegan, prefer Kadalys comforting cream and its ultra-hydrating effects!

Finally, to give your skin an immediate boost, apply the organic and French royal jelly serum from Folies Royale. Its exclusive and highly concentrated formulation makes it an essential ally for winter.

Think masks! Once a week use the Nominoe Radiance Hydrating Night Mask. Apply it in a thick layer on the face and neck, leave on for fifteen minutes then massage gently. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water while continuing to massage your face. Your skin has been filled with regenerating active ingredients!

Remember to apply vitamin C-based cosmetics on a daily basis to protect the skin from external aggressions. Prioritize essential fatty acids like omega 3 and 6 and ceramides.

Besides that, what can you do to keep your skin young?

Because yes, taking care of your skin with cosmetics is good, but you also have to think about the rest, about everything that can damage our skin on a daily basis.

In short:

• Pay attention to your diet:choose foods rich in antioxidants.
• Protect your skin from the sun.
• Do not smoke.

And you will keep a baby skin all your life! (how am I exaggerating?)

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