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Steam against viruses and bacteria

It's not just about taking care of yourself and taking preventive medication. It is also necessary to pay great attention to clothing and various objects in the house. Did you know that some of them, like door handles, can help spread viruses? Faced with this, one of the best natural solutions to avoid these infections is steam. With disinfectant properties, it acts powerfully against bacteria. Here is what you need to know about it and the steam products you absolutely must have at home!

The disinfectant power of steam

Above its boiling point, the water converts to steam and the physico-chemical bonds that retain the grease and dirt accumulated on the surfaces to be cleaned are broken. Thus, beyond a temperature of 120°C, the combination of pressure and steam achieves a disinfectant action. Therefore, steam is an excellent solution to overcome bacteria and viruses. It ensures effective treatment of the dirtiest areas. Another advantage is that it saves you the use of certain disinfectant products and allows a considerable reduction in water and energy consumption.

Used for clothes, objects, but also on the ground, steam disinfection is an ecological solution and is part of an eco-responsible approach. It is non-toxic, unlike the use of some conventional chemicals. In this way, you preserve your health and also reduce your ecological footprint. It all comes down to the degreasing effect of hot water, the disinfecting action of heat and the mechanical effect of the steam ejection pressure which are largely sufficient to eliminate bacteria.

As a result, steam is used in various professional fields, such as the hospital, educational, agri-food or industrial environments. It is also found in the transport and aviation sectors. Efficient and versatile, steam is available in several products, the best known of which are the steam generator and the purifier.

The steam generator:an ironing solution for healthy clothes

Ironing is one of the household chores that takes the most time, but remains unavoidable. With the emergence of innovative solutions, there are high-performance devices such as the steam generator that greatly facilitate the work. This has high performance compared to a conventional iron. If you want to benefit from the comfort of use provided by a steam generator, do not hesitate to visit the official website of the Laurastar brand, which specializes in the design of ironing systems innovative and practical.

The steam station has the ability to generate steam at a higher rate than that of a conventional iron. In addition to heat, it gives off moisture which easily removes wrinkles from clothes.

Elimination of bacteria and germs

Many scientific studies have shown that the steam released by a steam generator is a formidable solution against bacteria and germs. These have a tendency to become embedded in natural or synthetic textile fibres. This can often cause allergies, infectious diseases and respiratory disorders such as asthma. Thus, the use of a steam ironing device allows high temperatures of up to 400°C to be obtained in order to drastically eliminate viruses and bacteria.

Some even more advanced technologies such as DMS vapors have an even more effective action. Indeed, when it comes to eliminating germs and bacteria, not all vapors are created equal. This lab-tested hygienic steam is known to remove viruses , mites and bacteria at more than 99.9%. It is about 15 times faster than that of standard steam generators and even more efficient than washing at low temperatures. All microbes, even the most stubborn ones like the Covid-19 virus, are eliminated by heat. This is a dry heat that durably sanitizes textiles by leaving them very dry without adding chemicals.

A particularly effective device

The steam generator is also considered to be more efficient, due to the ability of the steam to easily penetrate the meshes of the fabrics. Beyond disinfection, the latter ensures the preservation of the quality of the fabric to be ironed and clothes stay fresh longer.

Most models are equipped with a pressing function which increases the pressure and the flow rate. Thus, the modern design of this device makes it twice as powerful as a traditional iron . On the other hand, it makes it possible to eliminate the various folds on the linens and the clothes, in particular the fragile fabrics difficult to smooth. This is the case of silk or satin.

The steam generator is offered in a wide variety of models of different powers which generally go up to 2500 W, or even more.

Great speed of operation

The other advantage of the steam generator lies in its speed. In fact, it can take half the time to remove creases than a classic model. In addition, its warm-up time is generally short, even if it varies from one model to another. Most of the time, this heating time is estimated at 2 minutes, which allows you to spend less time ironing your laundry. The steam generator owes its performance to its technology which increases the quality and speed of ironing tenfold. This saves you time and it is more convenient for you to iron a large volume of clothes without exhausting yourself.

The steam purifier:another variant for purifying clothes and objects

Another steam product that offers many benefits is the steam purifier. Very effective, it helps to remedy infections and environmental pollution that affect textiles or objects used on a daily basis. Its role is thus to ensure the disinfection of the house by eliminating the viruses and bacteria present.

The operation of the steam purifier is very simple. It has a system responsible for ensuring the speed of steam emission, its constancy and its power. It is thanks to the DMS technology that it most often incorporates that it facilitates the disinfection of textile fibers and the surface of objects by destroying bacteria, mites and residues that can be dangerous for the body.

Effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses on commonly used objects

The purifier can be used for the disinfection of different objects such as door, refrigerator or cupboard handles. This in turn helps ensure hygiene of your hands which are often in contact with them. It is also suitable for the depollution of remote controls which can often contain fatty substances, spores and dust mites. It can also be used to eliminate germs on other accessories such as handbags, motorcycle helmets, cloth masks or glasses.

It is therefore an excellent alternative to avoid various contaminations. It helps in particular to fight against asthma, allergies and protects children, sensitive people and the elderly from many infections.

Perfect for upright garment steaming and fabric purification

The steam purifier is a 2-in-1 solution that allows both to purify, but also to quickly smooth clothes, especially vertically. It thus helps to easily remove wrinkles from a shirt, blouse, pants or dress without the need to spread them on an ironing board . The steam is indeed propelled at full power and smooths the textile in a round trip.

Always ready to use, it is suitable for all textiles:cotton, wool, silk, linen, and presents no major risk of burning. It eliminates bad odors and bacteria and its compact appearance makes it easy to take anywhere.

Steam is a perfect solution to eliminate different bacteria on textiles , but also on objects. It impresses with its efficiency and offers versatile use depending on the needs. Among the accessories that allow you to pulse it to disinfect on a daily basis, we count the steam generator as well as the steam purifier. These are available at many shops or specialized brands that offer quality models.

The steam generator ensures ironing in record time with its very short heating time and eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses on clothes. As for the steam purifier, beyond the vertical ironing it offers, it is effective for disinfecting all types of objects such as toys, door handles, remote controls and various surfaces. Even if they do not necessarily come to mind at first, these devices represent excellent gift ideas and will not fail to please people who will thus be able to benefit from their comfort of use on a daily basis.