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The 5 virtues of organic pineapple in cosmetics

Juicy, fragrant, gourmet, the pineapple is an exotic fruit as delicious as it is virtuous . Composed mostly of water, it is rich in sugars, vitamins A, B and C, fiber and trace elements. Given its composition, pineapple is a great ally during diets. In addition to its diuretic properties, it is a natural and delicious appetite suppressant. This fruit has many virtues in general:it promotes digestion, it improves oral health, moreover it is a good antioxidant . From a nutritional point of view, this fruit is essential for combining well-being and gluttony . The organic pineapple is also a natural cosmetic active ingredient effective for skin treatments. Consuming pineapple can be beneficial for the skin, but we can include it directly in our beauty rituals by topical application. To show you this fruit in a new light, we present the 5 cosmetic virtues of organic pineapple :

#1 Exfoliating

Pineapple is an excellent exfoliant . It contains astringent enzymes which allow a gentle exfoliation . Its direct application stimulates the elimination of dead cells on the surface of the skin. The enzyme in question is called bromelain (bromelain or bromelase). Bromelain helps to cleanse and purify the skin in depth . To benefit from this effect, we recommend the Karethic Pineapple Sorbet cleansing and exfoliating foam. In the form of a gel, this organic treatment turns into a foam on contact with water. Endowed with a gourmet and exotic scent, this product can be used to cleanse the face daily. Combined with raw shea butter, it is all the more nourishing and restorative.

#2 Illuminator

Fruit Acids contained in organic pineapple restore radiance to the skin. The amino acids it contains are powerful active ingredients to revive and even out the complexion . For this purpose, we can find it in the form of tonic lotion, mask, peeling. illuminating treatments which contain active ingredients to rid the skin of impurities and fight against dull complexion . Apart from organic pineapple and its enzymes, other natural cosmetic active ingredients are also effective against dull complexion. To illuminate our complexion, we present to you the 5 key active ingredients for a radiant complexion.

#3 Antioxidant

The organic pineapple is a great ally for slowing down skin aging . Indeed, it is rich in vitamins C, E and antioxidant . This composition allows it to effectively fight against oxidative stress cells. It is also advantageous in the fight against free radicals than for the prevention of cellular damage in general. Including pineapple in our beauty rituals can be lifesaving to maintain healthy skin.

#4 Plumping

In addition to its power against oxidative stress, pineapple helps to firm the skin . The enzymes it contains help to make the skin more elastic and firm . And this, by promoting the production of collagen. This stimulation of collagen formation helps to plump up the skin tissue and make it more elastic. This helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Especially since pineapple has a hydrating and nourishing action for the skin. Thanks to these many particularities, pineapple is recommended for mature skin or in anti-aging treatments.

#5 Healing

Thanks to its rich composition, organic pineapple has healing and anti-inflammatory properties . It is particularly used in the treatment of certain damage such as post-traumatic edema. More precisely, it is used to resolve post-surgical aesthetic sequelae. These two properties are saving for natural cosmetology. Indeed, organic pineapple has positive effects when treating acne scars and other marks . Its application significantly reduces hyperpigmentation spots and even even out the complexion . As a result, it is suitable and recommended for acne-prone skin.