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The perfect gift for our moms!

Mother hen, single mother, caring mother or helicopter mother, we love and cherish them with all our heart. The cornerstone of our lives, they are both sources of lessons and comfort. It is completely legitimate to thank them for all that they can represent in our eyes. As Mother's Day approaches , with a few gifts or small attentions, the main thing is to make them happy.

... In May do what you please

For this year 2021, Mother's Day will be celebrated on 30 May . This special day is meant to thank those dear to our hearts who mean so much to us. The opportunity to show them all our love and gratitude . Although our gratitude extends over the whole year, Mother's Day is a very beautiful occasion to give thanks for all this maternal devotion .

“In April don’t bare yourself with a yarn, in May do what you like”. So let's take this adage at face value and indulge ourselves. To do this, what better than to treat yourself to a beauty box containing only natural and organic care? Well we give you the answer:offer an organic beauty box to our beloved ones!

The Belle au Naturel organic box is an original gift idea for any occasion, especially as Mother's Day approaches. With its many natural and complementary treatments, taking care of yourself has never been so easy and pleasant.

Our organic beauty routine

For this peak of spring and the approach of Mother's Day , BelleauNaturel has concocted a special organic beauty routine . Celebrate this month of May, by allowing yourself a moment of sweetness from head to toe!

The Spring is the season to cleanse and purify your skin . And this, to prepare your skin well for the new seasonal conditions to come. For gentle cleansing, we recommend the Organic Pineapple and Shea Sorbet Cleansing and Exfoliating Foam by Karethic. This exfoliating gel transforms into a foam with a gourmet and tropical scent on contact with water. The pineapple enzymes it contains gently exfoliate the skin, while the organic shea butter nourishes and repairs the skin tissue. Its gentle formulation is suitable for daily use and suitable for sensitive skin .

The skin tends to better assimilate products and their active ingredients during the night. Y prefer moisturizing and repairing care helps the skin tissue to regenerate. To intensely nourish and hydrate the skin, we recommend the Naturelle night cream by the Défi Forme brand. Enriched with shea butter, mallow extract and vitamin C, this treatment nourishes, hydrates and detoxifies the skin overnight. Applied every evening to perfectly cleansed skin, this cream maintains the hydrolipidic film of the skin . In the morning, the skin is soft, hydrated and prepared to face external aggressions throughout the day.

Now that the weather is warming up, the sandals will be out soon. For irreproachable feet in a magnificent pair of gladiator sandals, we recommend a repairing and nourishing treatment. Oolution's Feet Good comforting foot cream is perfect for taking care of your feet. This product mainly contains organic shea butter and organic coconut oil. Repairing, soothing, nourishing active ingredients, all to prepare our feet for the arrival of summer.

To perfect this beauty routine “gentle moment ”, we present to you:the organic coconut oil from Herbes et Traditions. This natural product is a multi-purpose cosmetic treatment. It may be included in several of our beauty rituals. Gentle make-up remover, hair oil, nourishing body oil… organic coconut oil is versatile and can be used all year round.

All these wonderful products are present in our May box. Named “Instant Sweetness ”It is ideal for a cocooning moment of relaxation . This beautiful box is also a perfect gift idea to please our moms as Mother's Day approaches.