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How to choose your organic make-up remover?

The cleansing ritual

Everyone adopts the beauty routine that suits them best to take care of their skin. Whether with basic maintenance steps or even a layering with multiple treatments, it depends on our needs and availability. But one step remains essential to any beauty routine:make-up removal! In view of this name, we are tempted to proceed with this one only after having made up a few hours earlier. However, there is nothing! Make-up removal is a crucial step in our beauty routine. It cleanses the skin, whether it is makeup or many impurities occurred during the day. In addition to ridding the skin of impurities, this step prepares the skin tissue to accommodate the other treatments in our routine.

Types of cleanser

To make-up removal , we have many types of products available. Indeed, there are many cleansing treatments possible. In the field of natural, organic but above all eco-responsible cosmetology, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to our make-up remover. In many formats and with various compositions, it is sometimes difficult to choose. To help you complete your beauty routine, belleaunaturel gives you a short presentation of the types of make-up remover. We will only mention 3 that are as classic as they are effective. However, the market is full of more and more possible treatments. It is up to you and your needs to choose the best cleanser!

#1 Freeze

The makeup remover in gel form is as gentle as it deeply cleanses the skin tissue. There are many make-up remover gel on the market, generally after use it is necessary to rinse your skin with clear water. We recommend the silky gel cleanser and organic make-up remover from the brand Oliv'. This product combines effectiveness and gentleness by ridding our skin of its impurities . Fresh and silky, it cleanses the skin leaving a soft scent. Its delicate fragrance comes from its rich and natural active ingredients. Olive leaf extract, lavender floral water, Damascus rose and Chamomile make up this treatment. Thanks to this composition, this product detoxifies, tones and regenerates the skin. Its properties are also antioxidant and help fight against skin aging. The presence of organic chamomile gives it a calming action. As a result, it is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. This treatment is applied directly to the skin with the fingers or a make-up remover pad. After a small massage, simply rinse the skin with clear water until the product has completely disappeared. This silky gel from the Oliv’ brand is available at 19€ on our eshop.

#2 Milk

Make-up removal with its image of purification skin tissue is far from evoking a soft and delicate stage. Yet it can be a gentle, even soothing ritual with the right care. To do this, nothing better than cleansing milk. As cleansing as it is comforting for the skin, the cleansing milk combines softness and effectiveness against impurities. For gentle make-up removal, we recommend the organic avocado oil make-up remover from La Cassidaine en Provence. Accompanied by a sweet floral scent, this milk contains rose macerate, avocado oil and organic sesame. This composition gives it properties:toning, moisturizing, softening but also antioxidant. It is applied directly to the skin using a make-up remover pad or your usual utensils (reusable if possible). With a few movements always from the inside out, the skin is delicately cleansed and regains all its splendour. As beautiful as it is organic, this treatment is provided to us by La Cassidaine in Provence in collaboration with local producers. It is available on our eshop at 12€.

#3 Oil

Water is known to purify us, this element has almost a monopoly when it comes to cleaning. And yet! the oil is just as effective when it comes to make-up removal . The combination of these two elements also constitutes the famous two-phase make-up remover. Organic oils help get rid of impurities while taking care of the skin tissue. Pollution, bacteria, makeup (even waterproof), nothing can resist this fatty substance with multiple virtues . It is suitable for all skin types, even oily! In many ways the use of oil helps to regulate sebum provided you use it wisely. However, a second cleaning is required to remove the greasy film, excess care that the skin could not assimilate. To test this concept, we offer organic coconut oil from the Herbes &Tradition brand. A key ingredient in natural cosmetology, organic coconut oil is multi-purpose. Hair care or face make-up remover, this prodigious oil has many qualities. To benefit from this treatment signed Herbes &Tradition, visit our eshop where it is available at €8.05.