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What beauty routine for a wonderful return to school?

Back to school

The arrival of the month of September announces the start of the holidays. Walks by the sea, cocktails by the pool and tropical scents will stay warm in our memories until next summer. From now on, we find our good old habits as well as the decorations of a warm daily life. A little routine of our own which, casually, we miss between two parties and tanning sessions. We will miss the holidays and the rest they provide for the weeks to come. So many good times after months of confinement, this summer was the catharsis so desired.

Returning to a more stable and customary daily life can seem harsh after weeks of intensive rest. And yet, nothing better than back to school for a new start in style!

A new beginning

Coming back from vacation is a great way to put some order back into your daily life. Rather than melancholy rethinking summer activities, we need to refocus on the present moment . Starting new hobbies or arranging a healthier life routine, focusing on new goals helps to forget the back-to-school blues . Another tip for not ending up depressed at the start of the school year is to organize your next vacation. This kind of little technique allows for a smoother transition.

These mini-adaptations bring us a lot to morale. At BelleauNaturel, we love beautiful discoveries and especially new beauty routines. A set of treatments that adapt to both our desires and our needs for the season.

Back to school in style

What better way to welcome back to school than an adapted organic skincare routine? On the program, cosmetic products as beautiful as organic to take care of us during this back-to-school period.

#1 The exfoliator

Essential for any season:the scrub is an essential step in the beauty routine. This cleanses the skin deeply and rids it of both impurities and dead cells. Whether chemical or mechanical, exfoliation restores radiance to the skin and above all takes care of it. Rid of impurities, the skin glows and keeps the summer tan longer. . For this purpose, we offer Lady Green's gentle organic face exfoliator. This treatment combines several active ingredients as virtuous as they are exotic to provide you with a treatment reminiscent of your last vacation. In its composition, we find:moisturizing aloe vera, soothing neem and purifying moringa. Added to this magnificent formulation:antioxidant kiwi, sebum-regulating jojoba beads and exfoliating silica beads. This scrub is used once or twice a week on the face and décolleté.

#2 The cleanser

For clear skin between exfoliation sessions, we need a cleanser as gentle as it is effective. To do this, we recommend the silky gel cleanser and make-up remover from the brand Oliv'. This gel with an ultra-soft texture gently removes make-up from your face and the contour of your eyes. In no time at all, the skin is cleansed with a silky finish. This product is enriched with extract of olive leaves , lavender and damask rose floral water as well as chamomile. These components give it properties:detoxifying, toning, soothing and regenerating. The application is done with a make-up remover pad and light movements to cleanse the skin. All you have to do is finish rinsing with clear water and our cleansing routine is done! This treatment is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

#3 Moisturizer

The sunny days follow us until the start of the school year, as well as a slightly oilier skin. Despite this skin condition, hydration remains imperative to take care of our skin. To meet this need, we have available the bluffing organic youth day cream from bio by Oxalia. This super moisturizing treatment combines the virtues of many active ingredients. Its composition includes, among other things:beech buds, centella asiatica extract, muscat rose oil and chlorella vulgaris. These unique active ingredients give this treatment exceptional anti-aging properties. Indeed, this product stimulates the production of collagen while smoothing wrinkles and fine lines and unifying the complexion. This moisturizer effectively fights the signs of time thanks to its antioxidant properties. Ideal for mature skin , it is ideal for skin care after weeks of overexposure .

#4 The gaze

We are going for a completely different type of care, far from skin care, we offer you a product to complete your back-to-school look. For a smoldering look, Miss W PRO's organic intense black mascara is here to help. Thanks to its composition of organic argan oil and organic shea butter, this mascara takes care of our eyelashes while enhancing them. In a single application plus a few finishing zigzags, the look becomes more beautiful. Its brush and the texture of this treatment allow a natural effect and avoid clumps. As moisturizing as it is protective, this product offers us a magnificent look for the start of the school year. Thanks to this mascara as beautiful as it is organic, doe eyes are ours for a return to beauty!