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How to remove blue circles? Tips and makeup

They ruin our lives and make us look bad, dark circles. Dark circles, purple circles, black circles, there are different kinds. But very often, the ones that bother us and that we would really like to get rid of are blue circles!

Do you have occasional or well-established blue circles? Here is how to make up dark circles to make them disappear in two in three movements. Which concealer to choose for blue circles ? What natural tips to prevent and avoid them? Stock up on beauty tips to put an end to blue circles!

What is a blue ring?

The blue ring is quite easy to distinguish by its bluish purplish hue . It appears under the eye and around the eye contour where the skin is very thin and easily tinted. It is precisely because the skin in this area is very thin that we can see bluish blood tissue there. In question ? Poor blood circulation, especially microcirculation ..Dark circles appear due to external factors such as stress, poor diet, fatigue, tobacco, etc. One of the main factors is alsolack of hydration !

Concealer:the essential ally for dark circles

It is THE essential make-up product for women with dark circles. women sometimes have a bad image of it, but yet it is part of many people's beauty routine. Discreet, it blends into the complexion to revive it, and without anyone even knowing that you have used it. But now, in the land of concealers, there is not one, but dozens and dozens of concealers. How to find the right concealer for blue circles?

Rule number 1:I choose a blue concealer according to my skin tone

All those who use foundation know it, you must always choose according to your skin tone. A shade that is too light or too dark can be dangerous for the look of your dark circles. Badly selected, it is the assured error and the accentuated ring. For the concealer, there is no exception to the rule. We choose a half shade below your skin tone or a half shade below that of your foundation, if you have one. What you have to learn to do is recognize the undertone of your skin ! If you don't know how, here are two tips to remember:
  • Observe your veins and their colors. If you're the type with bluish or purplish veins, you have a cool skin tone. On the other hand, if your veins are green, your undertone is warm. Do you feel like your veins are green and blue at the same time? Then you surely have a neutral undertone…
  • It is also said that gold jewelry goes best with warm undertones and silver with cool undertones. Do the test with an earring!
These tips will also help you choose a highlighter or a bronzer! Now that you have more or less succeeded in determining your skin undertone, know that warm undertones are better highlighted by orange hues.

Rule number 2:with blue circles, I go for a red or orange concealer

The concealer neutralizes the color of the dark circle. Also, depending on the color of our dark circles, we choose a shade of concealer. For blue circles, it is the concealers with red and orange pigments that should be selected.

Rule number 3:I choose my concealer texture

If you have pronounced blue circles, opt for a covering texture in cream or a liquid texture. Conversely, if your dark circles are discreet and occasional, go for a pencil concealer.

How to use concealer to make up blue circles?

Generally, we use a blending brush to deposit our concealer. We work the blurred effect with the fingers for a natural result. Instead of drawing a line all along the concealer, we simply drop a few touches from the inner corner of the ring to the outer corner and then we blur.

3 natural tricks to remove bags under the eyes

In addition to the blue ring makeup technique , there are also natural tips to prevent and erase dark circles.

Having a healthy lifestyle

The first is the simplest is to correct your lifestyle on a daily basis by getting enough sleep by drinking plenty of water by eating a balanced diet and avoiding alcoholic products and tobacco. It's simple as pie, but it actually works!!

Decongest blue circles with the cold

Since dark circles are the result of a disorder of the micro blood circulation in this area, implement a cold treatment action plan. Fresh cucumber slices, cold tea bags, cold spoons refrigerated beforehand, leave on for ten minutes a day to regain a fresh and luminous look. And in addition, you benefit from the vitamins and nutrients of certain antioxidant foods such as cucumber or tea!

Eye contour massage

After your make-up removal, take the opportunity to insist on the eye contour area to make a light massage and activate blood circulation . And above all, do not forget to moisturize the contour of your eye!!

In summary

  • To make up a blue ring, choose an orange-red concealer (pigments that neutralize the tint of the blue ring);
  • We take care to choose a half shade below your skin tone;
  • We apply the product lightly and work on its blurring with a brush and fingers;
  • At the same time, take care to drink plenty of water, eat well, exercise and get enough sleep.
  • To prevent dark circles, you can also apply cold to the dark circle area to boost micro blood circulation!