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Foxy eyes makeup tutorial:our tips for success

It's a make-up trend that we see everywhere, in all the magazines, with our influencers and on beauty girls around the world, the famous foxy eyes and their smoldering gaze! Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, the most beautiful women on the planet swear by XXL almond eyes, stretched eyes that give a crazy charm. And to have foxy eyes like the stars, it is not necessary to go through the surgery box! No, you just need to know how to make foxy eyes with makeup .

So how to make a perfect foxy eyes makeup ? Are fox eyes for you? We answer you!

What is foxy eyes makeup?

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The foxy eyes is a make-up technique also called "fox eyes" (it looks a lot less in French, we agree!). The foxy eyes look is therefore this ultra feminine and feline eye which would almost give the impression of having had an eye lift. And yet no! Although the technique also exists in aesthetic medicine, we suggest here to talk about foxy eyes makeup. Be careful, do not confuse foxy eyes and cat eyes makeup. The foxy, on the other hand, consists of blending as much as possible to successfully create your doe look.

Who is foxy eyes made for?

This is the news that will reassure more than one,the foxy eyes are suitable for all women . Also, even if you don't already have naturally almond-shaped or tapered eyes, foxy eyes are a perfect trick to change the shape of your eyes. Bye bye marble eyes and make way for the sensual and assertive look of foxy eyes makeup.

How to do foxy eyes makeup?

For this makeup technique, you do not need to invest in equipment or very little. But you still need to have the right makeup accessories if you want to achieve foxy eyes worthy of the name! Angled brush (or flat brush), ball brush and fluffy brush are the 3 essential tools for your make-up. Why so many brushes? But because we told you, foxy eyes consist of blurring and blending. If you haven't already done so, you will quickly understand! Going back to our essentials, it will also be good to have an eyeshadow base, especially if you have oily skin and want to set makeup to avoid the greasy substance running down the eyelid. Finally, you will need the essential eyeshadow palette with three shades. To choose them, opt for colors that go well with the color of your eyes. You necessarily need a light shade, a dark shade and another halfway between the two. Which colors to choose for a discreet foxy eyes makeup? For pretty daytime foxy eyes, a nude makeup palette will suffice. On the other hand, if you want evening makeup, you will probably need a more elaborate palette with bright, dark or iridescent shades. And good news for those who have trouble mastering the line of eyeliner, it is not necessarily necessary for fox eye makeup! In fact, it is the eyeshadow and the connection between the different shades that will create the stretched eye from the outer tip to the tip of the eyebrow.

The foxy eyes makeup tutorial

Learning how to make a foxy eyes makeup requires visualizing the technique, nothing beats the video tutorial. You will find several on the Internet, more or less simple to make. To inspire you and understand the basics of this technique, here is an easy-to-follow video.

If you want very natural foxy eyes , you can also follow the following foxy eyes makeup tutorial!

Whichever tutorial you choose to follow, certain steps are essential:

  • Start by applying your eyeshadow base to smooth;
  • Then, we use the fluffy brush to apply the lightest shade over the entire eyelid up to the level of the eyebrow arch;
  • Now take your bulb brush to apply the medium shade shadow at the level of the upper eyelashes. Here, you have to stretch the shadow well from the outer tip of your eye to the tip of your eyebrow. You can also put some in the inner corner of the eye;
  • Blend as much as possible between each step;
  • Finally, apply your dark shadow with the angled brush always flush with the eyelashes going well from the outer tip to the inner tip of your eye (stretch to the temples and go back and forth).
  • To finish, put a little highlighter on the hollow of your eyebrow!

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