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Hair contouring before and after:what does it look like?

Happy News, hair contouring is coming to the beauty sphere! What is this technique with the popular name that everyone is talking about? After makeup contouring, are you going to succumb to hair contouring, a coloring technique that enhances facial features?

To find out more, we studied the question and wanted to find before-after hair contours to see on the game is worth the effort! Curious to form your own opinion? Read on!

What is hair contouring or hair contouring?

After having appeared in the world of make-up, contouring has now taken over the world of hairdressing. But what exactly is it and how does it work?

Hair contouring is a hair styling technique that uses light and shadow (through coloring and sweeping) to highlight your facial features . By studying the shape of your face and your features, hair contouring professionals are therefore able to sublimate our complexion in two to three movements. The objective:to camouflage the flaws and sublimate the strengths of each through an in-depth study of your morpho face.

In concrete terms, the method consists of applying wicking techniques to certain areas of the hair only . The result gives a scan and shaded rendering . It's a clever mix of both!

Regarding the shades chosen to lighten, hairdressers recommend staying on one to two tones only above its natural color. You can then resort to contouring blond, brown or brown hair, without any problem.

Who is hair contouring made for?

All women can try hair contouring. Indeed,the technique is totally customizable according to your face . Hair color, cut, facial structure, everything is studied in the smallest detail for an optimum result. Moreover, women with fine hair can also take advantage of this coloring technique, because it is well known that the play of light gives volume.

However, on women with very short hair, the technique is impossible to perform. It will take a minimum of length to be able to set up this game of contrast.

What hair contour according to your face shape?

We give you a simple example. Let's say you want to contour hair on a round face . The professional will then use his knowledge to lengthen the shape of your face thanks to the color tints of your hair. It will lighten the top of the face and darken the tips to bring more longitude to the face. This will give you a more elongated face and a less round shape.

You have anoval face ? The locks will then be skilfully arranged on your hair to lighten strategic areas and highlight your complexion.

For oval faces (like Sarah Jessica Parker), contouring widens the shape of the face for a shorter finish. Shadow work is then done on the top of the hair and light highlights frame the sides of the face.

Square Face Hair Contour ? The goal is then to lighten the tips and roots and darken the sides. The result is a less angular face and less square features.

Finally, for the heart face hair contour , lighten the lower part of the face (from the chin to the ears) to bring luminosity and rebalance the shape of the face.

Maintaining your hair contouring

The result of this technique being very natural, maintenance is easy! The roots will grow back without creating visible demarcations, which allows you to be quiet for a good while.

Obviously, however, it will be necessary to maintain your hair with care to keep its shine and maintain a beautiful hair color.

Hair contour before and after:photos

And now, on to what you've all been waiting for:the photos!


As seen in the photos, the face is clearly sublimated. In some, the coloring and technique is more marked than in others. But it is possible for you to define with your hairdresser what you want to obtain as a result. Anyway, if you want such a result, it will be necessary to ‘go to a hairdresser and not to attempt contouring on your own. Take the opportunity to adapt the cut to your face to maximize the effects of hair contouring.


The most convincing example is probably the hair contouring star from our favorite celebrities.Jessica Alba, Jenifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Gigi Hadid , Selena Gomez , everyone is tempted by this new beauty trend!


  • Hair contouring is a color-sweep-shaded technique, which is based on the study of the shape of the face, in order to highlight the features of the latter;
  • The rendering is natural and more or less marked according to each person's desires;
  • The shades adapt to your natural color, it is possible to contour honey, blonde, copper, chestnut, etc.;
  • The maintenance is not very difficult since the locks are melted in the hair.