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Jewel Candle:a jewel in a candle

Praised by Instagrammers in their cocooning and lifestyle post, these candles which are anything but ordinary offer an innovative concept:a jewel in each candle .

Because Christmas is coming soon and these little scented candles are a great gift idea, we have decided to make you discover the Jewelcandle brand !

Surprise and guaranteed success for the lucky lucky ones who will receive their little treasure at the foot of the tree.

JewelCandle:a forward-looking brand

The brand bases its know-how on handmade manufacturing for each of its candles. It surfs on the eco-environmental trend by using only raw materials that respect the environment. The paint used is cadmium free and has no harmful plasticizers and even the wax used is sulfur free. The creators go even further in their ecological approach, by having the designs painted on the candles by artists and everything is done by hand.

While candles have been very trendy in recent years, JewelCandl e has been able to stand out from its competitors by offering real added value to its products. In the wax of each of their scented candles, there is a silver jewel.

The jewel, which will therefore appear when the wax melts, is carefully wrapped in heat-resistant aluminum and therefore provides optimum protection.

You just have to wait until you see the aluminum completely appear so as not to burn yourself and you can then discover the hidden gem.


How can I be sure that the jewel will fit me?

When you place an order on the site, you can choose from a hundred scents and designs for your candle, but that's not all. You can also choose the type of jewel you wish to receive from the following 5 categories:

  • Charm
  • Earrings
  • Bracelet
  • Necklace
  • Ring
The size of rings, necklaces and bracelets is adjustable and customizable at the time of ordering. Of course if it is not suitable once received, it is always possible to exchange it on the JewelCandle jewelry exchange group on facebook.

What is the value of the jewel in my candle?

Depending on the jewel chosen and the size of the candle, the price can vary from €24.95 to €39.95 when placing an order. But how much is the jewel I just received worth?

To find out, just go to the JewelCandle website and enter the code noted on the label attached to the jewel and the mystery will be solved. Moreover, when you share the value of your jewel on the brand's facebook page, you can try to win a free candle.

All JewelCandle jewelry are real silver.

Can we find them in stores?

JewelCandle candles are mainly available online on various websites. You can find them on as well as on many specialized sites such as or simply on the JewelCandle site.

What does the jewelry look like?

Here are some pictures taken by JewelCandle customers.

JewelCandle products


There are three types of candles on the site:
  • classic editions
  • caps
  • unpublished

Classic editions

With names that invite us to travel, we are immediately disoriented when reading the scents contained in the candles. An example with the Magical Winter which transports us to an enchanted forest with its woody and sweet notes of cinnamon, cedar leaves and bergamot.


The capsule editions are really pretty and come from partnerships with bloggers, influencers or public figures.

At the moment, for example, the brand offers the capsule Duality by Valentina which was born from his collaboration with the Italian model and basketball player Valentina Vignali.

With its smell of cupcakes, hazelnuts, and tangerine and its pretty design on the candle, you can discover an adjustable choker necklace specially created for the collection.

We also like the Good Vibes Only by Sananas capsule imagined by Jewel Candle and the influencer Sananas with 2 million instagram subscribers.

Its marble design is very chic and its notes of coconut, musk and vanilla are sure to take us on a journey.

For this collaboration, the brand has chosen to present an elegant bracelet and earrings.

The capsule collections have a slightly higher price and range from 36 to 39 €.


Unreleased are special editions that include a unique design and a unique jewel that cannot be chosen.

Their price ranges from €34.95 to €36.95.

We find for example the pretty LITTLE FOX candle on the theme of the fox, very trendy this year, and perfect for the season. Scents adapted to the theme of the candle that reminds us of autumn and winter by the fireside with its notes of apples with cinnamon, nutmeg and pears . The candle contains a silver bracelet (adjustable according to its size) and a colored charm.

Bath balls

Jewelry candles having been a hit in France, the brand then expanded by adapting its model to bath bombs.

The concept is the same as for jewels, a jewel in each bath bomb. There are ten bath bombs with unique designs and scents to discover.

Love Fever, for example, releases rose petals with the scent of magnolias as well as a piece of jewelry that we will have chosen when placing an order. Editor's pick for the Sweetheart bath ball and its sweet strawberry scent that encloses a silver jewel.

Gift boxes

We finish with gift ideas for the holidays:Christmas boxes!

There are several for all tastes and budgets, from 42 to 102 €. What is certain is that it is an original gift and that the surprise will not stop at the moment of opening but at the moment when the jewel appears to its happy owner. In short, we quite like this idea of ​​giving a gift within a gift.

Did you like the concept?

Remember! If you post a picture of a candle and your jewelry on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #jewelcandlelover and #jewelcandle you may be able to win a JewelCandle gift thanks to your photo. Each week the brand selects two winners! Good luck 🙂