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Hairstyle trend:mid-length hair

Once long hair was the feminine and glamorous haircut for women. With long hair , all hairstyles are possible. As for short hair, no need to rack your brains, a quick shaping and styling is enough to have a trendy cut. What about medium-length hair ? Halfway between the two lengths, the mid-length is today the trendy cut of the year.

How to style medium length hair to have style? What are the different women's mid-length haircuts of the moment?

What is mid-length hair?

What is the length of hair considered medium length?

Sometimes on the border between long and mid-length cuts, it is not always easy to see clearly. The delimitation for medium-length hair are at shoulder level. A haircut is considered mid-length when it comes just above or just below the shoulders.

Medium-length hair is very easy to style thanks to its length, which is neither too long nor too short. This is a modern haircut that has charm.

Having medium-length hair does not mean that you cannot achieve hairstyles as beautiful as with long hair. You have many different ways to style your medium length haircut .

Choose your mid-length haircut according to the shape of your face

As with clothes and different body types, there are different face shapes.

To find the right mid-length cut to achieve, get to know your face shape:

  • Medium-length hair is perfect for women with long faces. What does a long face mean? A long face has an oval shape ++. The forehead is generally well marked and the chin slightly pointed and thin. To give a perfect balance to a long face, you have to give volume to your hairstyle and for that the mid-length is the perfect cut! The mid-length cut will give movement to the hair.
  • If you have a square face, it means you have the same length jaws and forehead and a well-defined horizontal line. In order to soften the features and feminize the shape of your face, you can opt for a mid-length plunging square type cut or a wavy short. Above all, avoid bangs, which will mark the square shape of your face even more.
  • If you have a round face:the distance between your two ears and the distance between your forehead and your chin are the same length. To feminize a round face, you have to bring volume to the top of the head and not to the sides. The plunging square is perfect for round faces, as well as layered and tapered cuts like the shaggy cut trend.
  • If you have an oval face, it's important to give a mid-length cut some volume and structure. To harmonize your face, we taper, degrade and curl the hair. A wavy square will be very pretty for an oval face.
  • If you have a rectangular or oblong face:a longer than wide face with flat ends for the rectangular face and rather square at the jaws for the oblong face. In either case, the goal for these face shapes is to create volume on the sides and around the forehead. The ideal is therefore a mid-length cut with bangs , waves or a very tapered cut.

Trendy mid-length haircuts in 2020

This year, the square cut is very trendy whether you wear it mid-length or short. Feminine and full of character, the square cuts are numerous:straight cuts, wavy, tapered, with fringes, without fringes etc. Just find the cut that suits you best.

Here 4 trendy mid-length haircuts this year.

Mid-length curly bob

The curly bob is incredibly sexy and feminine. It brings a retro touch that some haircuts can naturally bring.


The mid-length layered bob

This cut is very modern and requires little styling each day.

The mid-length layered bob is a perfect cut if you have fine mid-length hair . The gradient will give you volume.


Mid-length hair with bangs

Abandoned for a few years for its obsolete side, the fringe is making a comeback. It brings character and sensuality and gives volume to straight or wavy cuts.


Mid-length hair with a wavy

This is the strong trend of the year:the wavy . Why does everyone love him? Because the wavy effect is sensual and brings us back to nature. A deceptively casual, romantic and passionate style.

You will understand, if you have straight hair, do not hesitate to style your medium-length hair with a wavy . It only takes a few minutes for a sublime rendering.


How to tie medium-length hair?

The mid-length sometimes makes hairstyles difficult because the hair is often too short for a clean ponytail or a well-made bun. However, there are many very simple ways to tie up your medium-length hair .

The high bun

Achieved in a fraction of seconds, the high bun is superb for women with fine, straight or wavy hair. This is a perfect hairstyle for medium-length hair that will enhance and reveal your color and highlights.

The bohemian bun

The bohemian bun is easy to achieve because it gives a very natural styled-disheveled effect. It is enough to wrap strands of hair behind the head without pulling too much so that some strands of hair escape.

Casual chic effect guaranteed and can be worn for a walk on the beach as well as for a bohemian wedding.

The braided crown

To easily achieve this bohemian style hairstyle and romantic:

  • Start by waving your hair.
  • Make two braids that start on each side of the face to meet behind the lower part of the head.
  • Make a messy bun with the rest of the hair and you will get a beautiful braided crown.

In summary:

Mid-length hair is very trendy this year!

  • Adapt a mid-length haircut that suits your face shape.
  • Give volume and dynamics to your hair by betting on a layered, tapered or curly cut.
  • Make quick hairstyles by knotting your hair or braiding it gently behind the head.