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Dynveo:Our opinion on this innovative laboratory

To treat themselves or improve their general state of health, the French are increasingly using food supplements. This is particularly the case to improve the condition of the skin and fight against aging:we now prefer to swallow capsules than to put creams on the skin. Like creams, food supplements must be chosen with care to have an effect without compensation.

The Dynveo laboratory focuses on quality products, pure and natural, to avoid any adverse effects and treat your skin effectively. Discover the particularities and our opinion on this innovative French laboratory and its antioxidant products.

Dynveo, French laboratory specializing in "clean label" products

Established in 2010, the Dynveo dietary laboratory specializes in natural dietary supplements, including antioxidant and anti-aging products. Founded by Thomas André, a specialist in biochemical processes and cell aging, and based in the Hérault department in the south of France, the laboratory has made clean label its priority:its food supplements are among the purest in the world. market, with quality active ingredients and without any excipients or additives.

The laboratory constantly seeks to improve the quality of its products and guarantees their traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

Dynveo is committed to offering entirely natural, ecological, ethical, and above all non-harmful products. Food supplement capsules (PlantCaps™) come from the biofermentation of tapioca; and the packaging bottles are made of 100% polyethylene to limit endocrine disruptors.

All products marketed by Dynveo are also guaranteed to be free of excipients (notably titanium dioxide) and as pure as possible, according to standards such as USP grade. Finally,

Dynveo, an innovative laboratory

Dynveo is constantly seeking to innovate with regard to the manufacture and composition of products. A pioneer in product purity, Dynveo is constantly innovating to develop the purest possible formulas: without any additives or excipients, without synthetic products, without heavy metals, and without GMOs. Whenever possible, the products are from Organic Farming; if this is not possible, Dynveo seeks the purest possible form of the product.

Dynveo teams are experts in extraction techniques and were the first to develop solvent extraction techniques to extract the active ingredient from plants without using harmful elements.

N-acetylglucosamine for skin beauty

Dynveo markets effective food supplements thanks to innovative active ingredients and in their purest form . For example, L-carnosine to fight against cellular aging, berberine to fight against insulin resistance, or N-acetylglucosamine from Kanéka (NAG) to hydrate the skin but also promote joint comfort.

N-acetylglucosamine is a form of glucosamine, a direct precursor of hyaluronic acid (powerful moisturizing agent renowned for fighting wrinkles) and more easily assimilated (up to 3 times more bioavailable than glucosamine). The N-acetylglucosamine used by Dynveo is 100% natural, with a purity grade greater than 98%, without additives or excipients. It is found in the form of pure powder enclosed in vegetable capsules.

The indicated dosage is 1 to 2 capsules per day, in a glass of water. For those who do not like capsules, Dynveo also offers this product in the form of a powder to be diluted in a glass of water. What a way to quickly regain toned and healthy skin!

Dynveo laboratory:our opinion

Dynveo is an innovative laboratory focused on the health of the user and the health of the planet. A pioneer in the search for the purest forms of plant active ingredients, it has inspired many other French brands. Here's why we think you should take a closer look at this lab and its products:

  • Dynveo is a French brand and its laboratories are located in France, for a lower ecological impact
  • Dynveo constantly strives to innovate and invests in research
  • Dynveo is an ecological brand, with a fully self-consumed laboratory certified organic by Bureau Veritas
  • Dynveo offers the purest dietary supplements on the market
  • From product to packaging, Dynveo guarantees products free of any additives or elements harmful to health and without endocrine disruptors
  • Dynveo teams are trained in the most innovative extraction methods, in particular solvent extraction, which makes it possible to extract the purest form of the plant's active ingredient without adding any additives
  • Dynveo does not test on animals