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Fragile nails:causes, treatment, natural solutions

Having fragile nails is a real headache for some people on a daily basis. In this case, it will be necessary to provide certain solutions. However, it will first be necessary to determine the causes . Find out everything you need to know to treat fragile nails and make them more resistant  !

The different causes of nail problems

You may not know it, but the nails are made up of an impressive amount of keratin plates . Keratin is a natural protein present in your body.

However, it is possible that keratin is not the only cause of your nail problems . There may also be:

  • The lack of minerals;
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Stress or anxiety;
  • Some diseases
  • Or chronic fatigue .

Apart from this, there are also the actions you perform on a daily basis that can cause a weakening of the keratin .

Moreover, it should also not be forgotten that biting your nails may cause embrittlement of these. Scratching things with your nails or running them over certain surfaces can be a cause of brittle nails or ridged nails.

To remedy this, there are various solutions. The best of all is to start correcting the mistreatment inflicted on the nails .

Possible treatments

You can prevent or treat your weak nails in multiple ways.

A good diet

You probably don't know it, but good nutrition takes care of your nails. This is due to the presence of keratin which mainly composes these.

By adopting an adequate diet, you can provide a lot of vitamin B to your organization. For this, you can opt for cereals,brewer's yeast or wheat.

It will then be necessary to opt for foods rich in zinc and calcium . For this purpose, opt for parsley, almond, cow's milk, nutmeg, watermelon, etc.

Adopt the right behaviors

If you don't want your nails to become fragile, you should avoid biting them . It will be difficult for you to break this habit, but with desire and determination, you will succeed. To do this, you can opt for anti-gnaw varnishes which are offered by certain brands.

Use a cardboard file

The nail file will allow you to take care of them effectively. However, you must choose a soft file , especially if they break quickly. It will therefore be necessary to prefer a cardboard file, because it has the property of being flexible . Metal ones tend to damage keratin which is inside the nails.

To use a cardboard file, you will have to start from the side and come back to the center.

Use a hardening varnish

A hardening varnish can also be a good way to avoid weakening of the nails. However, you don't have to do it all the time and make sure to alternate it with the usual varnish.

Protect your nails

This is a reflex that you usually do not observe. It is nonetheless important, since your nails may be in direct contact with chemicals or detergents.

Use cream

You can also make your own nail cream in a natural way. To do this, all you need is half a potato, cabbage leaves and 2 or 3 spoons of oatmeal. Then proceed to mix all the ingredients and apply the result on the nails . Be sure to do this multiple times if you want the best result.

Use hot water

If you notice that your nails are damaged , you also have the option of using hot water.

Feed the nails

To do this, it will be important to use warm olive oil . Soak your nails in a little water with this oil a few times a month.

Apart from olive oil, you can also use castor oil to deal with them.

Use lemon juice

To treat the weakening of your nails , you can use a mixture of sweet almond oil and lemon juice. This solution is ideal if you have ridged or broken nails.

Apart from all these tricks, you also have the option of using gelatin capsules or using a polisher . This will give you the confidence to strengthen your nails.