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Oily hair:causes and natural solutions

But how do these girls with the beautiful silky and light hair do? When it comes to hair type, it recognizes that we are not all in the same boat. Between those who have hair that is too fine, those who have too much volume, frizz, etc., few women are satisfied with what nature has given them. But if on top of that you add a oily hair problem then there is the disaster..Whether it is only the roots or the length of the hair, oily hair is anything but feminine. It is neglected, it oozes and shines for our greatest dismay. Do you have to wash your hair regularly and can't get rid of this unsightly disadvantage? Do not panic, if there is one thing on the hair side that is easily fixed, it is a problem of greasy hair. Yes yes we promise, we even have witnesses on the Redac side who will be able to testify to the methods that work . Septic? Read our article!

What causes oily hair?


The first thing to do is to understand that we are not born with oily hair . In very rare cases, oily hair is due to a disease or hormonal imbalance. But most of the time, their origin is from an external cause and it is largely possible to act. Understand that we all have sebaceous glands in the scalp. These glands have the function of producing sebum in order to protect our hair from external aggressions . A kind of barrier with a hydrolipidic film which is deposited on the skin. The problem with sebum is that it happens to occur in abundance in the face of the type of aggression to which it is subjected.> It is not a coincidence. At this age the hormones are in full swing and come to cause an excess of sebum. The hair is not the only one to suffer from this evil. Have you ever heard of excess sebum in the T zone? In short, in addition to this hormonal imbalance, stress, fatigue, pollution, diet, alcohol and tobacco can cause excess sebum. one of the worst aggravating factors is the nature of the products used to wash your hair . Shampoo and care stuffed with silicones and sulfates attack the scalp and irritate it. To protect itself, our skull reacts by producing even more sebum. From there, it is the vicious circle. “I wash my hair more often but I attack my hair even more by choking it. » An illness which, if not taken care of, can go as far as concern for seborrhoea,an inflammation of the scalp .Here you know all about the famous causes of oily hair . But what you don't know is that whatever the cause (even a hereditary cause) it is always possible to act on greasy hair or at least to limit the phenomenon with a few simple tips.

How to adopt your routine for oily hair?

  • To control the excess sebum you suffer from, use a shampoo specifically designed for oily hair: a gentle and natural shampoo. You can also try the No Poo method!
  • Prefer organic formulas, free of silicone sulphates and fragrances.
You may find it difficult to use it at first because they are products that do not foam or little. But tell yourself that it is precisely because they are devoid of toxic substances that they foam less. However, they cleanse the scalp and the lengths by making a clean sweep of residues of pollution and chemical products. Moreover, unlike your usual routine, it is quite possible to use this type of shampoo every day without greasing them. At the same time, you can also use a sebum-regulating shampoo every other time to regulate your excess sebum.

8 unforgiving mistakes


  • Hot water. It attacks your hair.
  • Towel friction. Break this habit.
  • The heat from the hair dryer and other styling products.
  • Washing hair too regularly with an alkaline Ph shampoo.
  • Smothered and tight hair with hair accessories, pigtails, ponytails, buns.
  • The wearing of a regular hat.
  • Mild shampoo is a non-alkaline neutral pH shampoo. It must be fragrance-free and alcohol-free of course.
  • Never massage your scalp too much and avoid touching it.