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I have grainy skin:what should I do?

Has your skin changed? She changed to become little by little redder, imperfect with a dull complexion? Do you feel any roughness to the touch? You have what is called grainy skin . This skin problem, as unsightly as it is disturbing, is not inevitable. Grainy skin simply requires adapting your beauty routine to regain smooth, clean skin. The problem often comes from an unsuitable skincare routine or external factors.

Find out where grainy skin comes from and what are the solutions to treat your rough skin.

Zoom grainy skin

This gritty feeling problem is very common and affects many women. A sensation of impure skin, with granules to the touch. The smooth skin of childhood gradually disappears under layers of pollution and make-up to make way for skin made of impurities, which we would have liked to do without.Why is your skin grainy ?

Our way of life largely influences the quality of the skin. It is therefore not surprising to discover that a poor diet or the consumption of tobacco or alcohol can lead to this type of problem. Daily care, detergent soaps, makeup and thick products clog pores and prevent the skin from breathing

Finally, external factors such as cold, pollution, UV can also disrupt giving you grainy skin.

But external factors are not the only culprits. Grainy skin can also hide a skin disease,atopic dermatitis . Redness, blemishes, eczema result from dermatitis and lead to that rough skin feeling.

Grainy skin is often combination to oily skin, but not only. Eruption of blackheads, excess sebum on the T zone, hydrolipidic film on the skin, acne-prone skin, so many inconveniences that sensitive skin can suffer if it is not properly cared for.

The 4 essential steps to get rid of grainy skin

Tired of that rough feeling? Are you looking for a miracle product? There is not one but several. Indeed, by adapting your daily beauty routine, you will gradually succeed in treating your grainy skin . The gestures are simple and easy to perform and they simply require choosing the right product .

A good cleaning of the skin

The first beauty gesture to do every morning and evening is to wash your face with a suitable product . First, beware of soaps. Grainy skin requires the use of products for atopic skin. Thus, you must choose a non-detergent soap and not comedogenic in order to unclog the skin in depth without attacking it.
  • Opt for salicylic acid cleansers to lightly exfoliate the skin, while washing it.
  • Choose soap-free cleansing gels or micellar waters.

The application of a tonic on the face

Tonics are gels or lotions with a very liquid texture. Floral waters are perfect products for atopic skin . They are enriched with plant extracts and their compositions are often more natural than chemical lotions.Rose water and tee trea are particularly known for their toning and revitalizing benefits for the skin. How does the tonic lotion work? It tightens pores and restores radiance to dull skin. Most importantly, it reduces excess sebum, primarily to blame in grainy skin.

Put on mattifying serum

To activate the cells after cleansing the skin and after applying your toner, it is advisable to apply a mattifying serum on grainy skin . This serum or moisturizing day cream will serve as a barrier between makeup, pollution, cold and skin. It is therefore an essential gesture at the start of the day. In addition, the use of a mattifying product helps toreduce the shine effect dreaded on the T-zone.
  • If you have oily skin, use an azelaic acid serum. With its concentrated active ingredients, it helps to reduce excess sebum while protecting and mattifying the complexion and the skin.
  • Combination to oily skin can use a cream or sebo-regulating treatment to correct irregularities while hydrating the skin.
Depending on your tastes, you will find all kinds of mattifying creams. 2-in-1 products, creams enriched with anti-aging active ingredients, products specifically designed for acne….

The moisturizing mask

Skin can lack water even when it is well nourished. Hence the importance of taking care to restore hydration in the event of dryness. Once a week after a gentle exfoliation, make a moisturizing mask for grainy skin .We recommend natural recipes. You can also create your own homemade moisturizing mask with few ingredients if you wish. Vegetable milk and vegetable oils, avocado, coconut, shea butter, vitamin E, many beauty recipes use the same ingredients.

The make-up routine involved in grainy skin

Makeup is one of the main causes of grainy skin. Between foundation, terracotta, blush, covering creams and many others, the skin that is supposed to be protected from makeup finds itself covered under a heap of products (sometimes very chemical). Faced with this, she then has difficulty breathing and the pores clog to reveal comedones and dilated pores.

Keep in mind that the less you put in, the better! Okay, that's not always possible. But at least turn to natural products as far as possible. And above all, do not choose your makeup at random. The make-up must be adapted to the nature of the skin. A foundation, for example, will be chosen differently if you have oily or dry skin.

The foundation for grainy skin must be a product with a light texture, which smoothes imperfections and refines skin texture by mattifying. That's a lot, isn't it? But rest assured, professionals use ingenuity to offer us miracle products that do everything at the same time. You just have to find the right product.

We're also not going to review the basics of good make-up removal because we've already written an article on the subject, but it's really important to remove make-up properly with skin-friendly products.

In summary

  • Grainy skin is not inevitable.
  • Adapt your beauty routine by opting for products that will smooth the skin of the face, mattify it and cleanse it without attacking it.
  • Stop with comedogenic soaps, allergens, etc. Make way for soap-free soap, micellar water and mattifying products for combination to oily skin.
  • Remember to moisturize your skin once a week with purifying and repairing masks.
  • Also adapt your make-up so as not to cover the face with a layer of obstructive make-up.