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Focus on the technique of Brazilian smoothing

Do you want to tame your rebellious locks and/or offer a little cocktail of energy to your hair? For several years, the Brazilian smoothing is on the rise to tame frizzy and hard-to-manage hair. Composed mainly of keratin – the natural protein of the hair – this revitalizing and ultra-nourishing treatment is preferably carried out in the salon, for lasting results of up to 6 months. What does the Brazilian straightening consist of? ? How much does it cost ? What are the different stages of a keratin treatment? We tell you all about the technique of the moment for smooth and silky hair .

Brazilian keratin straightening:explanations and benefits

What is Brazilian straightening?

As its name suggests, Brazilian smoothing is a natural hair care which comes straight from Brazil, one of the countries that attaches the most importance to the aesthetics and beauty of the hair. Unlike Japanese smoothing, which modifies the hair structure in depth, Brazilian smoothing wraps the hair fibers to sheath them and lasts 4-6 months (depending on hair type and speed of regrowth). The technique not only instantly restores smoother, frizz-free hair, but also revitalizes and revives the shine of the hair. Your hair is silkier, hydrated, easier to comb, and visibly healthier.

The molecule mainly used in Brazilian straightening is keratin, a protein naturally present in the hair and which guarantees its robustness and elasticity. In the long run, bad styling habits (excessive use of the hair dryer, straighteners, coloring, repeated sweeping, etc.), but also external aggressions, can reduce the levels of keratin present in the hair, which then loses vitality. . This is where Brazilian straightening comes in:by injecting liquid keratin inside the scales of the hair fibers, your hair regains its natural shine.

Be careful, however, some keratin treatments may contain formalin to properly fix the keratin to the hair. However, formalin – in large quantities – being potentially harmful to health, it is best to find out beforehand about the composition of the formula used by your hairdresser.

What are the benefits of Brazilian straightening?

One of the main advantages of Brazilian straightening is that it can be done on all hair types , whether afro, curly, colored, highlighted, dry or very damaged. It is thus a choice alternative to the famous "straightening which tends to damage the hair fibers due to the chemicals used to stiffen the hair . Thus, as it is a treatment essentially based on keratin – therefore a natural protein –, Brazilian smoothing does not damage the hair in any way if you opt for the best products for Brazilian smoothing. On the contrary, it softens it and allows real ease of styling. Note, however, that it does not offer as smooth a finish as a straightening iron (for frizzy hair in particular), and that it slightly reduces hair volume.

How much does Brazilian straightening cost?

If you choose to perform your Brazilian straightening in a salon, you will have to pay between 150 and 300 euros , for results ranging from 4 to 6 months. For the most limited budgets, know that there are also keratin kits , to make yourself at home, much more economical. Count a little less than a hundred euros for results of between 6 to 8 weeks. In any case, beware of overly advantageous prices (the composition of the preparation is often questionable), and be sure to check that the formalin concentration does not exceed 0.2%.

How does the Brazilian smoothing treatment work?

Brazilian straightening takes place in several stages, to ensure good fixation of the keratin and a spectacular and lasting result. Depending on the length of your hair, count 2 to 3 hours in the salon.


First, the hairdresser will wash your hair with a shampoo specially designed to open the scales of the hair fibers, so that they are ready to receive nano-keratin injections .

The keratin pose

Next, the keratin preparation is carefully applied to all of your hair, strand by strand. For more precision, the hairdresser uses a brush. After application, an exposure time is necessary to ensure that the keratin is well absorbed by the hair. Count from 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the type of hair, but also on their length. Following this, the hairdresser will rinse your hair thoroughly, before drying it with a hair dryer.


This step is crucial for lasting results. During the straightening operation, your hairdresser will gently pass the straightening iron over your hair to tighten the hair scales and permanently fix the keratin applied beforehand. Very meticulous, this step is carried out strand by strand. To ensure perfectly smooth and healthy hair, the hairdresser should make 4 to 7 passes per section.

After the treatment

Your Brazilian smoothing is finished, but it's not all over. Indeed, you will need to take a few additional precautions, once at home, to ensure both radiant vitality hair and perfect straightening.

So, in the 72 hours following your visit to the hairdresser, know that you will not be able to wash your hair or tie it. You will also need to avoid intense efforts so that the scalp does not sweat and the smoothing is altered. In the same way, to prolong the duration of the Brazilian treatment, it is recommended to use natural shampoo, preferably, or – failing that – without sulphates or sodium.