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Ponytail:5 trendy hairstyles

From the traditional hairstyle of a good little girl to the hairstyle of stars on the red carpet, the ponytail is a go-anywhere hairstyle. Sometimes simple and practical, it turns very easily into evening hairstyle with few more details.

Because yes, from now on, the ponytail is an ultra-trendy hairstyle. We give it all kinds of backcombing and ties to "pimp" it up even more and make it a beauty asset.

What are the trendiest ponytails of the moment ? How to cheat if you don't have enough volume to get a stylish ponytail ?

The ponytail:a trendy hairstyle

High ponytail

For a Fashion Week runway look, we now wear the high ponytail . In pony tail mode long and straight or in a classic high ponytail, this hairstyle will bring a lot of elegance to your look. It sublimates the features of the face. This is also one of the favorite hairstyles of female stars on the red carpet. So if you too dream of a beautiful high ponytail like Ariana Grande or Blake Lively, here's how to do it.

Any woman can wear a high ponytail. The secret to a successful ponytail is to not do this hairstyle directly after washing your hair . No, the ideal would be to wait until the next day so that your elastic holds better.

The second tip for a beautiful ponytail is to use a bristle brush or boar. These two types of brushes are soft and smooth the hair much better, without attacking the hair.

For a neat and clean look, use a brush to pull your hair up before knotting it all together. If you want a longer duration:a coat of hairspray and off you go for the day!

The low ponytail

Another very chic version, the low ponytail . It also has a very "couture" spirit, which we like to wear day and night. And above all, there are many variations to have fun with.

To achieve your low ponytail , it must be positioned at the level of the neck. I advise you to give it a naturally trendy spirit with twisted locks of hair at the level of the tie or to tie a pretty ribbon or a scarf for a retro chic spirit.

Remember to backcomb the top of your hair to give them volume at the level of the skull and under the attachment.


The puffy ponytail

We also really like the domed ponytail trend, which gives the hair a very voluminous effect . A hairstyle that resembles that of the stars and that we all want to try.

To pull off a curvy ponytail, the secret is backcombing!

  • Start backcombing with a brush or comb, taking care to start at the center of the skull.
  • Leave a few unfrizzed strands on the front of the scalp.
  • Once your backcombing is finished, fold the hair back without flattening it.
  • Knot the hair and fix it with hairspray!

The braided ponytail

If you are looking for an original ponytail , why not opt ​​for the braided ponytail? This is a very trendy hairstyle.

To succeed, it will require a minimum of volume and length. Fine hair will find it difficult to have a provided rendering. But fortunately, there are also the famous extensions to make a magnificent evening hairstyle!

Classic braid, spiky braided ponytail or rolled up on itself, you will have several possibilities to create a beautiful braided hairstyle.

The bubble braid ponytail

This is one of the last little ones to resurface and we love it!! The bubble braid is a braid-like ponytail that forms several level bubbles. It is perfect for short or long hair, thin and thick and it is even suitable for curly hair!

The trick for fine hair or hair that lacks length

For women with fine hair or looking for volume, there is a discreet and very practical accessory:the ponytail extension !

Do you really think stars have such beautiful natural ponytails? Well, for some it's their hair, but a lot of them cheat by adding an extension to get the desired effect.

Some extensions are to be rolled up and only take a few minutes, or even a few seconds, if you are already familiar with extensions. Others are clip-on! And frankly, the result is stunning, because we see nothing but fire!

There are pony tail extensions or curled ponytail extensions. There's something for everyone!

In summary

  • The high ponytail should not be done on clean hair. The ideal is to wait until the next day for a better hold.
  • Trendy side:make the elastic invisible by wrapping a strand of hair around it of the latter, which is maintained with a safety pin.
  • For a retro ponytail , you can wear a bow in your hair eighties style , a bandana or why not a scarf.
  • If you lack volume, dare ponytail extensions, they are discreet and allow you to try out lots of new hairstyles.