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Top 6 fashion trending mobile apps in 2022

As a fashion addict and trendy girl, we all want to get fashion advice on future trends to come. Find the nugget to add to your dressing room, be inspired by the most beautiful fashionable looks, benefit from good deals, and if the solution was the live fashion mobile application on your smartphone? Many avant-garde applications specialized in the fashion sector offer us to benefit from expert advice. Valuable tips to upgrade our daily looks and be constantly up to date with trends. Do you also want to save time and install great and practical apps on your smartphone to keep you informed of fashion news in real time? Here is a recap of the 10 must-have fashion apps for any self-respecting fashionista !

Vogue Runway

It's the holy grail of the fashion sphere! The bible of fashionistas for anyone who wants to know the latest fashion trends and the next upcoming trends.

Thanks to the Vogue Runway application developed in 2015, we can watch fashion shows on our smartphones. Did you dream of being able to attend Fashion Week in Milan, Paris or New York? Vogue Runway now offers us the opportunity to follow in detail the backstage of fashion shows and the new collections of all designers. Enough to spot the new nuggets that will make next winter's trends in the blink of an eye! But Runway Vogue is also advice and information from experts in the field. An inexhaustible source of inspiration with photos of streetstyle looks, celebrity looks or sharp looks from influencers and enthusiasts around the world.


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In a register more focused on how to consume, Fashiola is a fashion application to focus your shopping ideas . With this XXL version search engine, women operate a real time saver. The application brings together nearly 1,800 ready-to-wear brands. On the app, you create your wishlist to do your spotting by selecting your desire criteria (colors, size, type of items, etc.). We can even be kept informed of the next promotions to come on our favorite items! This is a system that shopaholics have not failed to adopt. Time savings, money savings, and above all thousands of ready-to-wear products to spruce up your wardrobe in record time!!!


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Faced with the enthusiasm of young women for the Sezane brand, fashion designer Morgane Sézalory decides to create his own app. Directly downloadable on our smartphones for our greatest pleasure, with the mobile application of the Sézane brand, we can now shop online and find each new collection in real time. And when we know how quickly the new edited collections of the adored French brand leave, we are delighted to see that the brand with eco-responsible production has also embarked on digitalization. Not to mention the #SEZANElovers where you can find thousands of inspiring photos in the SEZANE look.


Because today most French women are looking for new ways to consume better, VINTED has been able to do well with its innovative concept. Finally, it is possible to consume responsibly by selling yourself and buying your second-hand items in just a few clicks. A godsend for unearthing old missed collections at a lower price. There are haute couture clothes, trendy ready-to-wear and even trendy fashion accessories, such as shoes, jewelry, hats, etc. Are you looking for a specific brand? Go see on Vinted what the Vinties have to offer you. You would probably be surprised how intuitive and easy to use the app is.


Behind the 21Buttons app are thousands of fashion influencers and fashion enthusiasts. The concept is simple and allows you to follow your favorite 21 buttoners by adding them to your subscriptions. On the platform, each woman can pin her outfits, taking care to display the name of the brand and the price of the item. Do you have a crush on one of the looks seen on the feed or with one of your subscribers? Click on the article and you will be redirected to the brand's website! Even more convenient than Pinterest for discovering the latest fashion trends . We see the most beautiful outfits of our Instagram influencers, we steal lots of ideas for looks and we discover new nuggets! Moreover, you can even monetize your account when subscribers buy online via one of our pinned buttons. Discover it quickly, it's very easy to use!


With already several thousand members to its credit, Wheretoget is a widely used fashion smartphone application. Here again is a great source of live inspiration. Looks of stars, streetstyle photos of complete strangers around the world, photos of fashion shows, photos of influencer looks, everyone can drop their outfits or those of others to share them with other members. On the app, we identify the clothes by naming the product brands or, failing that, by finding similar products from other competing brands.

And you, what is your favorite fashion app?