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4 vintage shoes to shop this year!

Are you a fan of shoes and do you love the vintage style? Good news, vintage trends are more up to date than ever this year! With the great return of certain fashions taken from the sixties, seventies or other decades, we have the choice between several pairs of retro shoes to pimp a little more our current looks, and that's not to displease us! From the pin-up shoe to the baby shoe, we explain to you what are the pairs of vintage shoes to shop and how to wear them!

Babies shoes


It is the essential vintage shoe that we see everywhere this year. It is deliciously retro, feminine and very elegant. If you like Parisian looks or the elegant styles of urban and city women, you need a pair of baby shoes! With a cute square heel (which gives us stability and comfort) and small straps finely hooked around the ankle, the babies are THE star of the vintage shoe shelves. goes with everything, golden babies for our dressy evenings or the traditional colorful vintage babies. If you are a fan, only one solution, to have several to match your outfits! A pair of green babies, a duck blue, a black, a beige, it's up to you to choose your favorite tones...

On the other hand, to wear them easily in your modern outfits, it will be advisable to prefer babies in leather or suede .

What to wear baby shoes with?


So trendy this year, baby shoes are super easy to wear. Wear them with mom jeans, flare jeans, 7/8 pants, a skirt or a pretty little dress. The midi lengths and the cropped cuts are ideal for surfing the vintage style!

Salomé pumps


Do not confuse them with the Babies, the Salomé shoes are adorable little shoes that have their origins in the 20s . They are open on the side and have a strap that connects the ankle to the front of the shoe. They could almost be likened to ballroom dancing shoes. And yet, the T-bar shoes have a perfect place in our city wardrobes . They are preferably chosen with a small heel and a slightly square toe. This is the ideal vintage wedding shoe . In a metallic or gold version, they are sublime with a midi cocktail dress.


How to wear T-bar shoes in everyday life?

To contrast the retro chic style of the Salomes with your casual outfits, we advise you to opt for trendy jeans that you can slightly roll up on the top of the ankle. White blouse or lace blouse at the top, and you're dressed to go to work! The other much more vintage version will be to wear them with a midi dress elegant, likea dress with pussy bow for example.

The Salomé is also worn in a vintage pin-up shoe version. In this case, it is better to choose it in a beautiful bright red or a bright burgundy.

Mary Jane shoes

@Nasty Gal

This is the little news to resurface this year:the Mary Jane. In a wedge version for more modernity, the Mary Jane shoe, a shoe from the 60s , will offer you this perfect understanding between vintage and modernity. In a preppy girl register with a mini-skirt or in a more rebellious spirit integrated into a rock outfit, they will make a splash with grey destroyed cropped jeans and a black oversized knit.

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To wear them in vintage style , it is with a skirt or a trapeze dress that they must be associated. To give them an extra retro chic soul, dare to wear them with socks!

Platform derbies


The ultimate piece to add to your it-girl wardrobe:derbies in a platform version. Cute, elegant and refined, they are perfect for having fun creating several outfits that mix vintage and modernity. We wear them with jeans to bring out their "sharp fashion accessory" side or with a pretty bohemian dress.


And for those who want a trendy but relaxed look, all you have to do is copy the look of the beautiful Diane Kruger with her pair of Stella McCartney platforms on her feet! Overalls, white t-shirt, dressy blazer to enhance everything and you're done!

In summary

  • Vintage footwear is all about the "right mix";
  • Now you can wear vintage 50s shoes or 60 in your urban looks, but be careful to combine them well;
  • To re-adopt them in a modern version, nothing beats compensated models. With a slightly revisited height, the vintage wedge shoe can be worn with just about everything!
  • Finally, we leave you with one last piece of advice, dare to associate them with very modern pieces such as jeans for example!