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How to dress to go out in a nightclub?

We women can sometimes spend hours in front of our dressing room wondering what we are going to wear for an evening. So when we know that tonight we're going to a nightclub with the girlfriends, we immediately start thinking about an appropriate outfit.

Skirt, pants, dress, chic or more classic style? Makeup, do I rather discreet or do I do evening makeup? Should I put on my heels or not? But if my feet hurt, I won't be well... In short, anything goes! This is the breakdown.

But what is the perfect nightclub outfit? How to be glamorous and elegant without doing too much? All our fashion tips in this article.

What is the best outfit to go to the club at night?

The little short dress

To go clubbing, you need to choose a dress that will show off your curves without overdoing it. Do not choose it too short, it will bother you and can quickly seem vulgar. The same goes for dresses that are too close to the body.

Dare the colors or opt for the traditional little black dress. But this will not necessarily distinguish you from others.

A few tips for choosing the right fit for your dress

  • Choose a fitted skater-style dress
  • If your dress is not fitted, you can belt it to mark the waist
  • If you want it tight then don't take it too short but rather knee length for a chic look
  • Opt for wrap dresses, these are often light dresses and perfect for not getting too hot in a nightclub
  • Choose the rather short one because a long dress will make it difficult for you to dance
  • If you show your legs, then go for a high neck or an elegant shape
  • If you bet everything on your neckline then don't take it too short but rather knee length

And if we dared the colors?

Why stick to a traditional black dress? If you want to distinguish yourself from others, try to choose a colorful dress . Of course, there's no need to choose fushia pink, but why not go for a patterned dress or a monochrome red dress, for example.

The jumpsuit for an elegant and comfortable look

If you don't feel like taking out the little dress to go dancing, a very good option is choosing a jumpsuit with a bare back or a back in lace .

Monochrome, black, red or any shade you like. Show it off with beautiful accessories:bracelets, necklaces, earrings and an elegant clutch.

The playsuit:practical, light and stylish

In summer, the playsuit is just as suitable as the little short dress. Convenient because you no longer have to worry about the dress flying around the runway. Depending on your tastes, you can choose it strapless, bare back, low-cut or even draped.

There is a huge selection of playsuits in stores. Combine it with heels or wedges and you will certainly have a modern and chic look.

Dare glitter to shine on the track!

You may have noticed, this year glitter is everywhere! In a total dress look, with a pretty top that will light up your outfit or simply on your feet to shine with a thousand lights, there are several ways to incorporate sequins into your look.

Be bold, don't be afraid.

Which pants to choose to go to a nightclub?

Sometimes you want to put on your favorite jeans to go to a nightclub. But putting on jeans in a nightclub is it a good idea? We would like to tell you that yes, but very often the material risks keeping you warm and it can quickly become uncomfortable.

We will rather prefer fluid pants with a high cut, for example, or simply basic straight black trousers paired with a pretty bare back or low-cut top.

How to dress in a nightclub when you are plump?

When you have curves, you sometimes wonder how to show off to go out in a nightclub. First of all, you have to think about choosing the right subjects. The best option being a fluid material close to the body but not tight. A pretty dress with a belt under the bust, a nice blouse paired with straight trousers or a skirt, a jumpsuit or a total black look to slim down your figure.

Successful evening look

Choose an outfit that suits the club atmosphere

Each club has its own style and more or less a dress code.

For example, some nightclubs in the city center are very classy, ​​so needless to say, you will have to opt for a rather classy outfit. Others want to be trendy and cool, so we can be more fanciful.

Inspiration looks for clubbing in an ultra select club :dress, skirt, fine materials, suit pants, suit jacket paired with wedge shoes or pumps.

Inspiration looks for clubbing at a trendy and cool club: casual, bohemian or trendy look with sandals, wedges or a pretty pair of fashionable sneakers, a chic military jacket decorated with embroidery and pearls….

Dare to highlight your strengths

What is your favorite part of your body? Think about it and dare to highlight it.

If you choose to highlight your neckline, then the bottom of your outfit should be more discreet. Conversely, if you opt for something very short that will highlight your legs, then your top should be more discreet.

For example, you can combine a short skirt with a pretty blouse or a classy blouse.

Take care of your hairstyle

If you want the perfect head-to-toe look, it's important not to neglect your hairstyle. Whether you're doing a ponytail, pretty curls or even a nice straightening, the rendering must be clean.

Make sure your hair is shiny and neat .

If your party wasn't planned and you don't have time to wash your hair, opt for the dry shampoo that will save your day for sure!

You can also simply do a nice wave to restore consistency and volume to your hairstyle.

Chic and discreet evening make-up

One ​​of the golden rules for a nice makeup to go out in a nightclub is to take care of your makeup. The idea is to show off without overdoing it either. No need to look like a can of paint because we go out clubbing.

  • The complexion

The first thing to do is to choose a foundation and concealer that will allow you to maintain a pretty complexion all evening. Blush and terracotta offer a very nice option for a fresh and vitaminized look that lasts all night.

  • Eyes

Make up your eyes. You can choose to do cat eyes for example or something more natural by applying mascara and eyeliner.

  • Lipstick

The evening is an opportunity to dare more daring shades than during the day. So if you usually don't dare red or darker shades, don't hesitate!

If you like makeup, you can watch tutorials on makeup trends 2019.

Choosing the right shoes for clubbing

Do you have to opt for heels?

The first thing to consider is do you like walking in heels? Because if you are not 100% comfortable, wearing heels will quickly become uncomfortable after a few hours of stomping and dancing in the club.

It is therefore above all a logical choice. Of course, a nice pair of heels will complete your look and you will be very elegant especially if you wear a short dress or a jumpsuit.

However, you don't necessarily need to be accessorized with a pair of high heels to obtain an elegant look. You can wear sneakers when you wear short dresses or skirts. Ankle boots are perfect in winter and pretty sandals will do the trick in summer!