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How to wear the leather skirt this winter?

Formerly associated with female bikers, the leather skirt which was reserved for "bad girls" has become a key piece in women's ready-to-wear collections. It continues to inspire fashion designers around the world who constantly bring it up to date.

You will understand, it is impossible to miss it, in summer as in winter. The leather skirt has indeed imposed itself in our dressing rooms. Thanks to its modern and ultra-feminine spirit, it allows us to juggle between different casual, chic or sophisticated styles.

Are you hesitating to take the plunge and don't know how to wear the leather skirt? It is true that finding inspiration is sometimes complicated and more particularly in winter when the cold arrives. What tights, what shoes, what type of coat to wear with a leather skirt? So many questions that run through our heads and sometimes prevent us from taking the plunge.

However, there are a multitude of possible looks with the leather skirt in winter. Discover all our look ideas for wearing the leather skirt perfectly this winter .

What look to wear the leather skirt with?

The leather skirt, key piece of the Glam’ Rock look

If there is one material that immediately immerses us in a rock'n'roll universe, it's leather. So if you want a rock look without falling into the cliché of the biker on the back, follow our advice for wearing the leather skirt in a rock style . Here's how to choose your outfit:

  • For the cut of the skirt:choose a high-waisted short leather skirt with a straight or trapeze cut .
  • For the choice of top:opt for a grunge style t-shirt or top!! The Danish designer Anine Bing excels in this area but you will also find it everywhere in the stores because it is the big trend this year.
  • For the choice of the jacket:for a perfect look, we will obviously opt for a black perfecto with zipper or a fitted black blazer.
  • For the choice of accessories:depending on the accessories chosen, you can obtain an ultra glam’ rock look or something more casual. It's up to you to make your choice in terms of dosage, but above all, don't overload your outfit.
  • What shoes to wear with a leather skirt for a rock look? : This year, the trend is once again studded ankle boots, but you can also combine them with a pair of sneakers to break the 100% rock side and give your outfit a cool attitude.

We often opt for the traditional black leather skirt, but we can also get an ultra rock look with a silver leather skirt for example.

How to wear the leather skirt for a casual look?

For an ultra trendy casual look, bet on the white top and bottom that you will associate with a short black leather skirt!

We often wonder what shoes to wear with a leather skirt ? How not to make our look vulgar?

If your skirt is short, then your best choice is definitely a pair of white sneakers. If you want something more refined, opt for ankle boots, Chealsea style or with studs. Vary according to your moods and the occasion.

Here are two casual look inspirations to wear your leather skirt this year:

  • Combine your leather skirt with a white t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers
  • Pair your leather skirt with a white shirt (the perfect option to go to work and tone down your outfit)
  • Wear a bomber jacket with your leather skirt

Whatever it is, bet on the minimalist side by wearing very little jewelry and if you want to add a vest, opt for nude tones with large meshes.

The leather pencil skirt for a sophisticated look

The pencil skirt is undoubtedly the most feminine and sophisticated skirt among the many cuts of existing skirts. The leather pencil skirt is perfect for a formal event! If you are looking for ideas for outfits with a leather skirt in the evening , start by opting for a pencil leather skirt.

Once you've found the perfect skirt for you, it's worth paying close attention to the type of top you choose. With the pencil leather skirt , the ideal is a top with a high neckline or a top with long sleeves.

A very nice combination for work, for example, is to wear it high waisted with a long-sleeved shirt. You will undoubtedly achieve a successful businesswoman look!

If you want a less formal look while still being sophisticated with your leather pencil skirt, you can also choose a plaid shirt, a wool sweater or a nice cashmere sweater that you will fit inside your skirt as in the photo below. The total black look works very well with the leather skirt.

This type of cut resembles those you can wear when you have curves. Although some may sometimes hesitate and say that the leather skirt is reserved for thin waists, know that you can very well wear a leather skirt if you are round . Just opt ​​for a model of sheath leather skirt which will perfectly highlight your figure.

What should I wear with my leather skirt in winter?

Mesh + Leather skirt

If you are looking for an outfit idea with a leather skirt in winter, know that leather and mesh go together perfectly. Chunky knit jumper, chunky knit cardigan, loose XXL jumper, you're spoiled for choice. Play with shapes and materials.

For a modern look, be sure to wear your knit correctly by tucking only one side of your sweater into the skirt.

Blazer + Leather skirt

For a chic and casual look, you can simply add a blazer over your t-shirt or shirt.

Choose your coat with a leather skirt

  • If your skirt is short, we advise you to opt for a long and straight coat. A wool coat will be perfect. For mid-season, you can even pair it with a trench coat.
  • If you wear a long leather skirt, the bourgeois trend is back this winter. You can therefore opt for a very chic blazer that you will belt.
  • If you wear a long pleated leather skirt , you will make all the difference by combining your skirt with a pretty bomber jacket that will be worn open on a fine knit.

Which tights should I choose with my leather skirt?

It is often in winter that we no longer know how to match the leather skirt in the face of the cold. Full of hesitation and faced with the fear of making a "fashion" misstep, this fetish piece ends up staying in the closet, for lack of ideas to match it.

However, finding the tights to wear with a leather skirt allows you to create a well-defined personal look and often brings the finishing touch to your outfit. This is why you have to take special care in choosing the right tights! Here are the best options:

  • Fishnet tights
  • Dot-dot tights
  • Opaque tights

What shoes to wear with a leather skirt?

  • Derbies
  • Loafers
  • Sneakers
  • Boots
  • Heeled ankle boots
  • Velvet ankle boots with wide heels
  • Stilettos (with a pencil skirt)
  • High-heeled boots

You now have all the keys to create an ultra modern look with your leather skirt . What style will you adopt?

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