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Unicorn and kigurumis combination:where does the phenomenon come from?

You must have seen, in stores or on the Internet, these famous unicorn jumpsuit pajamas ? This is not an ephemeral fashion launched by a clothing brand, but rather a trend that has been going on for a few years, imported from Japan. Find out where this craze for the unicorn jumpsuit comes from and how to choose yours.

The unicorn in film and fiction

The unicorn is not just a recent fad:it has been found in many films and works of fiction, and has been since the origins of art.

The unicorn has fascinated since the dawn of time :already in mythology there was talk of a legendary creature with a single horn which was a symbol of power, justice and purity. The origin of the unicorn dates back to 400 BC. J-C, in the writings of the Greek Ctesias, where he was given a healing power. Similarly, in Indian mythology, the unicorn was said to have the power to part polluted waters and spot fish with its horn.

In religion, it was the Virgin impregnated by the Holy Spirit, whom virgins could not touch with impunity.

In summary, the unicorn is a fantastic creature that has fascinated for centuries and that the 7 th art, in particular, appropriated:The Last Unicorn , Tintin, Harry Potter, Disney… At the same time, the “unicorn” phenomenon is spreading in popular culture and is now invading our daily lives, even in disguises!

Fantasia -1940-Disney© Musical Film


Kigurumis are disguised people with costumes that represent fictional characters or anthropomorphic animals (i.e. with some human elements). This term comes from the contraction of two Japanese words:kiru (to dress) and nuigurumi (Stuffed toy). They are mainly found in Japan, where the Kigurumi promote in malls, but also around the world, especially in amusement parks like Disney. There is even a Japanese fashion, the ganguro , where people dress up in Kigurumi costumes in the city!

The unicorn pajama suit for whom?

The fashion for unicorn pajamas has recently appeared in France . The unicorn jumpsuit consists of several costumes, often a top and a bottom, sometimes with a horn and a tail to better imitate the fantastical creature. Coming from Japan, this new trend is all the rage with children, but not only!

To disguise the bride during a bachelor party

The EVJF is a fun event and where no limits are allowed. The unicorn pajamas is perfect for dressing up the bride-to-be:halfway between childhood and adulthood, what could be more appropriate than this creature that has always fascinated children and is increasingly adopted by adults?

Unicorn Onesies©

A fun gift for a friend

The fun side of unicorn pajamas is beyond doubt. If you're looking for a fun gift for a friend, this is the perfect gift! Trendy, fun, the unicorn jumpsuit will allow him to find his child's soul. Your sleepovers or costume parties will be all the more lively!

To please a little girl

Children are the first to be amazed by the Kigurumis. Not only is it a playful and fun pajamas , but in addition, your children will be able to feel like another character and it will boost their imagination. Unicorn pajamas can keep a little girl occupied for a long time! In addition, if you tell them that according to legend, the unicorn is a symbol of power, they will no longer be afraid of the dark and of creatures under the bed... For a little boy, any other Kigurumi will do !

For yourself, as a unicorn fan!

If you are a fan of the unicorn trend , whether in comics, cartoons, movies or books, then you will be won over by the unicorn jumpsuit. To not be cold at night, to be comfortable at home in the evening, and to have pajamas all in one not too expensive, nothing better than unicorn pajamas! For an 80s party or watching films from our childhood (the trend of the moment!) it is sure that you will be all the rage with your unicorn jumpsuit in the midst of My Little Pony and other pop and colorful costumes!

How to choose the right unicorn pajama model?

There are several models of unicorn pajamas . To choose well, you should consider the following criteria:

  • The color:pink, purple, white, black, rainbow... There's something for everyone!
  • Style:Some models have a tail and wings, some don't. Some have pockets, others are two-piece... The choice is yours!
  • The price:prices can vary between 30 and 50 € in general, depending on the brands. It's up to you to see what budget you want to devote to it.

In any case, whatever unicorn pajamas you choose, you will certainly be the envy of people...