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How to wear a denim skirt in winter?

Denim skirts are among the timeless pieces that are still relevant year after year! They are comfortable and they can be worn for both chic and casual looks.

Thought denim skirts were just for hot summer days? Think again! If there's one item that works every season, it's the denim skirt . Yes, yes, you can wear a denim skirt in winter.

Is this type of skirt for everyone? How to wear the denim skirt this winter? What jackets, shoes and tights to associate with it?

Denim skirts for which body type?

Which models of denim skirts to choose according to your morphology?

There are many cuts of denim skirts. There are minis, skirts with trapeze shapes, long denim skirts and many more! Among this multitude of possible choices, it is not always easy to make your choice and know which model will best suit your own morphology.

If you have a V body shape: (long, slender legs and shoulders wider than the lower body) it will be necessary to emphasize the lower body. The ideal choice for inverted triangle morphologies is then to opt for a flared cut denim skirt . Dare with patterns or colorful denim skirts since the goal is to draw the eye to the lower body.

If you have an X body type: (slender silhouette, slim and well defined waist and an alignment between the upper and lower body) you are in luck because all the cuts will be flattering for you Ladies! To highlight your shapes and your pretty waist, opt for a high-waisted denim skirt. You can take it short or in the midi cut (under the knees). When it comes to colours, treat yourself and dare to wear colored denim skirts as well as the traditional tones of black, camel or beige.

If you have an O body shape: (wide hips, luscious chest and low waist) you're probably wondering how to wear a denim skirt when you're round. The first thing to do is to choose a rather flared cut to accentuate the waist. Choose it not too short, a length at the knee or just below will be perfect. If you assume your curves, you can also opt for the denim pencil skirt which is ultra feminine. On the top side, we will play on fluidity and we will avoid tops that are too close to the body so as not to accentuate the curves. On the other hand, you can choose a pretty V-neckline.

If you have a morphology in A: (opulent hips and wider than the shoulders with a well-defined waist) you will need to give volume to the upper body. Choose a denim skirt with a high waist and an A-line cut. Try to choose a model with a thin and stretchy material so as not to weigh down the lower body with thick jeans. Opt for rather dark colors on the lower body and put color or patterns on the upper body.

If you have an H body shape: (long and thin silhouette, hips and shoulders of equal width and very little marked waist) you will need to accentuate your waist to feminize your silhouette. For this, the trapeze skirt is the perfect choice.

What outfit with a denim skirt in winter?

In summer, it's pretty easy! We associate her denim skirt with a small light top and sandals without great difficulty. But what about winter? What to wear with your denim skirt without being cold?

What jackets to wear with a denim skirt?

Whether you have a classic look or not, it is important to know what to wear your denim skirt with . This year, the big trends turn to knit sweaters and oversized sweaters. We wear them with pants, skirts and over large maxi dresses for a bohemian chic style.

Think about pairing your denim skirt with a pretty XXL knit sweater that you will tuck into your skirt entirely giving a slightly bloused effect or only tuck in part of it. your sweater in the skirt at the buttoning. This is the best choice to wear your high waist short denim skirt!

  • For a rock look, you can of course take out your most beautiful biker jacket which will go perfectly with your denim skirt. Choose a rather basic loose T-shirt or accentuate the rock'n'roll side by opting for a grunge top.
  • For a more classic look, you can wear your denim skirt with a plaid shirt or just a nice patterned blouse.

On the editorial side, we particularly like the combination with an aviator jacket and a nice pair of Dr. Martens to create a slightly more marginal look.

Another big trend for 2020:the cape! Know that the cape will be very elegant and will enhance the sophisticated side of your look if you combine it with your short denim skirt!

What colors of tights with a denim skirt?

With a denim skirt, whether black or denim, choose black tights! Opaque, transparent, fishnet, polka dots or with pretty patterns! Treat yourself and play with the many models that now exist on the market. The choice of your tights is very important and will finalize your outfit.

What shoes to wear with a denim skirt?

The denim skirt being rather casual as a piece, it is very easy to associate it with many pairs of shoes! Here are the top three trends in shoes to wear with your denim skirt :

  • Sneakers for a comfortable and trendy style
  • High boots for a more elegant look and to stay warm in the middle of winter
  • Chic low ankle boots

How to wear the black denim skirt?

The black denim skirt is very fashionable this year. It is more sophisticated than the classic denim skirt and can easily be combined with basics.

Editor's advice:wear your black denim skirt with a white shirt and heeled ankle boots! Dress up your outfit with a black leather biker jacket or a fitted black blazer for the perfect glamorous chic look.

What are the trendy denim skirts in 2019/ 2020?

Jean skirts may have survived the years and remain a must have, but there are certain models that are popular every year. Here is a list of denim skirts to find this winter to be on top of fashion:

  • Destroyed denim skirt
  • A-line denim skirt
  • Buttoned denim skirt
  • Long flared denim skirt
  • Embroidered denim skirt
  • Denim skirt with animal motifs
  • The black denim skirt
  • The denim midi skirt

In summary:

  • Choose a denim skirt that suits your body type
  • Don't put your denim skirt away in the closet at the end of summer! It will be just as trendy in winter!
  • Wear black tights with your denim skirt
  • Combine your denim skirt with an XXL knit sweater or a nice white shirt
  • To keep warm, take out your pefecto, a big scarf and high boots
  • If you hesitate among all the models, choose a black denim skirt or a destroyed denim skirt. This is the trendy cut this winter.