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Cotton lingerie:how to choose?

Cotton is a material often used in the manufacture of lingerie. But there are several types of cotton, with different properties. So how to choose the right cotton lingerie ? Our advice.

Cotton lingerie:the benefits

If the manufacture of lingerie offers a wide choice of cotton underwear, it is because this textile material lends itself particularly well to the creation of underwear. It provides many benefits.

Cotton is a soft-touch fabric, which is essential to protect intimate, sensitive parts.

In addition, cotton is a natural and hypoallergenic material . Its contact with the skin therefore avoids the risk of allergy and any other skin inflammation. As a result, it ensures great comfort when worn, even on the most sensitive or atopic skin.

Cotton fabrics are easy to care for as they can easily be washed in the washing machine.

In clothing, cotton can be combined with other materials, for a wide variety of lingerie ranges , from the most basic to the more elaborate.

Which cotton material for which style of woman?

Why choose cotton lingerie? Because cotton underwear adapt to all styles and all desires. Thus, all women can find cotton lingerie adapted to their morphology, to sublimate it, and in line with their needs:sport, comfort, seduction...

100% cotton:for naturals

For those who like the elegance of sobriety and who like natural materials, 100% cotton underwear are perfect. They are made exclusively of natural fibers, unlike cotton-based underwear combined with other materials, often industrial and therefore polluting.

Cotton/Spandex:for those seeking comfort

Cotton goes very well with elastane. This mixture brings elasticity to the fabric. Depending on the degree of elastane mixed with the cotton, the textile then becomes a stretch fabric or a stretch fabric. Cotton underwear with elastane ensures good support.

This mix of materials is often used for the design of cotton/elastane sports underwear . It is also popular for large size lingerie, for the excellent support it provides to generous breasts.

Cotton lace:for the sexiest

Cotton does not sacrifice comfort for aesthetics. It is found in the composition of sexy lingerie, thanks to the cotton lace . The lace allows refined underwear. Games of transparency and opacity have an undeniable sexy side.

Cotton and English embroidery:for romantics

The boho-chic style always has its effect, including in the area of ​​lingerie. Cotton is in this vein with English embroidery, which will seduce romantic women. This is a regular openwork fabric, to draw a pretty pattern.

Printed cotton to follow the trends

If cotton is so successful in the lingerie sector, it is because it allows you to reproduce all the imaginable patterns . The latest models of cotton lingerie are therefore always part of the trend of the moment.

Lingerie gets slummed with games of transparency and lace, sexy and refined.

Lingerie also knows how to be discreet with nude, tone on tone, which also joins the most beautiful ranges of lingerie. It is available for all skin tones.

Cotton and seamless lingerie:for invisible underwear

Nude isn't the only way to wear understated lingerie. The properties of cotton allow it to be worked to create seamless underwear. These are invisible under clothing, with no unsightly marks. The absence of seams is also a guarantee of comfort. To wear under white trousers or flowing trousers.

How to wash cotton underwear

Caring for your underwear properly allows them to retain their original appearance. It is also a question of hygiene. The care given to the underwear will not be the same depending on whether it is simple cotton or delicate cotton.

"Simple" Cotton

Cotton is easy to wash in the washing machine. A program at 30°C allows underwear to regain their shine and be impeccably clean. It is not recommended to wash it at high temperature, otherwise the fibers of the fabric will relax.

For white cotton, if it takes on a gray tint with force washing, it is possible to revive the color using bleach or White vinegar. Chlorine is too aggressive for this type of fabric.

Delicate cotton

Pieces with English embroidery or lace are more delicate. To avoid the risk of damaging them, they should ideally be cleaned by hand . It is advisable to use lukewarm water with Marseille soap or a non-aggressive detergent. Instead, rinse with cold water.

Better to avoid wringing the fabric to wring it out. Drying flat, if possible without a clothespin that would mark the underwear, is preferable.

When it comes to lingerie, cotton underwear is a safe bet . Appreciated for their comfort, they are available for all desires, by their shapes, styles and colors:sports lingerie, alluring, basic, nude or colored lingerie; bra or basque, thong, panties or shorty...