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How to wear the skater dress?

Of all the dresses out there, the skater dress is one of the most figure-flattering. What is a skater dress? It is a dress with a fitted waist and a flared cut that emphasizes femininity and elegance. Their name comes from the outfits worn by figure skaters. You know the little skirts that fly off during artistic tricks?

The skater dress is easy to style according to the occasion:wedding, cocktail outfit, casual chic look or even office outfit, it is perfect in all circumstances. It also has the advantage of being worn in winter as well as in summer. But then what morphology is the skater dress made for? How to wear it and choose the right accessories? What shoes to wear with her skater dress?

Follow our guide and the skater dress will have no more secrets for you!

What morphology for a skater dress?

The skater dress suits almost all different body types. Here is how to wear the skater dress according to your morphology:

If you have a morphology in A:

Reminder of the morphologies in A:wide hips, well-defined waist, shoulders narrower than the hips.

  • Emphasize your upper body by adding volume
  • Choose a strapless dress with a voluminous neckline (for example a nice drape)
  • Bet on a deep neckline
  • Draw the eye to the top of your dress by choosing, for example, a dress with lace on the upper body
  • Your dress should be nicely flared to hide wide hips

If you have a figure 8 body shape

Reminder of morphologies in 8:luscious silhouette, generous shapes, wide hips.

  • Wearing a flared dress is a very good choice to refine and emphasize your waist
  • The short skater has the advantage of slimming the silhouette by highlighting slender legs

If you have a V body shape:

Reminder of V-shaped morphologies:square shoulders, marked waist, slender legs, narrow hips.

  • Pay attention to the lower body
  • The skater dress will feminize your silhouette
  • It will soften the upper body by highlighting your slender and long legs
  • Choose round necks and avoid deep necklines
  • Opt for a short skater dress

If you have an H body shape:

Reminder of H body types:slim silhouette, low waist, shoulders and hips of equal width.

  • Avoid marking your waist too much, make sure it is not too tight
  • Choose a skater dress that will emphasize your cleavage instead
  • Opt for patterned dresses:sequins, sequins, flowers, etc.
  • Pick it short

If you have an O body shape:

Reminder of O-shaped morphologies:generous chest, slightly marked waist, narrow shoulders, wide hips and luscious buttocks.

The skater dress when you're plump is not always a first choice and yet it is perfectly suited to this type of morphology. Just choose a particularly suitable fit:

  • Emphasize your height
  • Choose a rather light and fluid material
  • Go for plain and dark tones rather than prints and light
  • Be careful not to reveal your arms too much
  • Highlight your cleavage

How to wear a skater dress?

What jacket to wear with a skater dress?

It can be difficult to know what type of jacket to wear with your skater dress . Everything will depend on the general style you want to give to your look.

  • For a chic and rock look:pair your skater dress with a perfecto! This is the perfect jacket to accentuate the waist and highlight the flared shape of the skater dress. It's a modern way to wear the skater dress for any occasion.
  • For a casual look:you can choose to wear a long cardigan, a fitted jacket or a denim jacket
  • For your coats:choose them long to stay sophisticated

What shoes with a skater dress?

Because the skater dress is an ultra-feminine piece, we think above all about accessorizing it with a pretty pair of heels.

However, as it is a dress that can be worn in winter as well as in summer, it can very well be worn in casual chic mode. during the heat and opt for flat sandals or sneakers such as Gazelles from Adidas.

In winter, we mainly put on high heels or heeled ankle boots with tights to highlight a slender silhouette.

What accessories?

Be careful not to overdo it! Bet above all on elegance and sobriety if your dress already has printed patterns, sequins or sequins. A necklace or a pretty pair of earrings will do!

On the bag side, we will prefer small leather goods such as an elegant clutch, a small format bag with a chic shoulder strap but above all we forget the large leather goods which are not very suitable for the dress style.

The skater dress:the perfect chic outfit for a wedding

We all agree that finding the perfect outfit for a wedding is not easy! Whether you are a witness or just a guest, you want to look beautiful and look your best. We often wear a dress, jumpsuit or chic outfit in which you will feel elegant and at the height of the event.

We know the codes to follow so as not to make mistakes, such as not wearing jeans, sneakers, dresses that are too vulgar or even white dresses! Conversely, when it comes to choosing the perfect dress, we hesitate between a long dress and a short dress and faced with the multitude of existing dress cuts, we no longer know which way to go...

If you are lost, know that the skater dress is the chic dress par excellence and very easy to wear for a wedding . It is particularly well suited for a country wedding outfit. Its very flattering and voluptuous cut makes it one of the most elegant dresses thanks to the underlined waist. You can choose it with a pretty bare back, lace, a V-neck... You'll be spoiled for choice.

A few tips to follow:

  • Choose a noble material such as chiffon, lace, silk etc.
  • Why not opt ​​for an off-the-shoulder skater dress?
  • Choose a sequin dress
  • Play with transparency
  • Accessorize your skater dress with a pretty clutch and heels to enhance your look
  • If it's winter, you can opt for long lace sleeves
  • If you have a large chest, be careful not to choose too deep a neckline, prefer round collars instead

Remain discreet about jewelry:do not add a necklace to your dress, rather wear a pretty pair of dangling earrings that will complete your outfit.