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10 fashion trends to follow this fall winter 2019/2020?

Every year, the whole world scans the catwalks of Fashion Week to discover the latest trends in ready-to-wear.

Back to school is eagerly awaited and fashionistas and it-girls can't wait to find out what the fashion trends will be in the fall-winter collections. The time has come, fashion trends for winter 2019-2020 were quick to make themselves known! But then what are the major trends to follow? How to dress this winter?

We have deciphered for you 10 fashion trends spotted on the Fashion Week catwalks for this winter 2019/2020.

The main trends for autumn winter 2019/2020

Looks to follow

The winter coat:the cape

The cape is the perfect coat to kick off the freshness of autumn while remaining elegant and warm. Its cut which falls perfectly gives it a rather wise character and an ultra sophisticated air. Thus, to cut this more classic side of the cape, we will take pleasure in associating it with more rebellious materials and cuts to obtain a successful duo.

This year the designers have set the tone:the cape will be long !

The high-waisted skirt for a bourgeois look

High-waisted skirt is chic, it highlights a fitted waist and gives a very elegant retro chic side.

This winter, we dare to combine the high-waisted skirt with totally unexpected pieces to create looks with a British style and a neo-bourgeois look .

In this way, we will combine our high-waisted skirt with an XXL blazer, a straight or pussy-bow blouse in noble material, a pretty felt hat or even a small cashmere sweater .

Wear your high-waisted skirt with a chunky belt in leather as proposed by the designer Christian Dior and dare to mix different trendy prints as Laquan Smith does boldly combining tartan with leopard!

High-waisted pants

This is THE cut of the moment, the high waist that highlights our shapes, enhances our waist and lengthens our silhouette. High-waisted pants is available in all versions this winter. Sometimes vintage with its straight cut associated with moccasins, it is sometimes sophisticated and chic on tartan prints or even totally rebellious in a leopard or python version.

You will understand, you will see high-waisted pants everywhere this winter. The trend is for a loose, puffy cut that reminds us of certain looks from the 80s. But the versions are much more daring and the designers play with the many prints of the year.

If you want to know how to wear the high waisted pants this winter, read our article to discover 5 trendy look inspirations to wear your high-waisted pants.

Leather, leather, more leather

Leather is the material to have in your wardrobe this year . This noble material once reserved for bikers is everywhere on the looks of Instagrammers, it-girls and fashionistas.

Already very present on our accessories, leather is now fully integrated into our wardrobes:perfecto, leather skirt, leggings etc...

What are the winter trends :

  • The leather skirt
  • The total leather look
  • The perfecto
  • Leather pants
  • Leather shorts
  • Leather shoes:waders, derbies, oxfords, Dr martens….

It comes in different versions:from matte leather to lacquered leather. Designers like to play with this material for sophisticated looks as well as rock and glamorous looks.

At Fendi , leather blends with transparency for a chic style as we discover a look with bourgeois inspirations at Zimmerman which combines a beautiful pleated leather skirt with a chunky wool sweater.

Terraccota, yellow, orange:the colors of autumn

Several colors will come out this winter:khaki, beige, taupe, etc. But the star color of winter will be perfectly in autumn tones and will remind us of the color of the leaves falling from the trees. The ready-to-wear collections will be tinged with yellows, oranges, terracotta and rust.

Yellow will brighten up our winter and the orange and rust tones will bring an ultra-elegant touch to our winter looks.

Winter prints


Already everywhere this summer, leopard print will still be present this winter. This wild print has been seen on Fashion Week shows and on the looks of it-girls all over the world.

Designers have fun creating elegant looks by sublimating an outfit with this refined piece and others go downright to mix leopard and unexpected colors like parma for grunge looks.


The houndstooth pattern, with the curious name that comes to us from Scotland and that we know for its strong looks from the 90s, was all the rage on the catwalks of Fashion Week.

Whether worn as pants, a dress or as a simple accessory, houndstooth is trendy. All you have to do is accessorize it well and combine it with the right pieces. But how to wear houndstooth without falling into an overly classic look?

  • We dare to choose it on pieces with XXL volumes, with wide shapes and cuts for ultra-trendy looks
  • We break the classic style with the latest pair of fashionable sneakers
  • We forget the accumulation of prints or flashy colors with houndstooth
  • We dare the houndstooth with a pretty pair of waders
  • The houndstooth pattern goes perfectly with jeans and the combo gives a very fashionable casual style this year
  • If you wear jewelry, choose gold because it goes perfectly with the houndstooth pattern

The Tartan

Definitely, the Scottish influence and the British style is more than present this year again with the tartan print .

This plaid print is no longer just seen on traditional "Plaid skirts" but on our blazers, jackets, pants, scarves and more. From a preppy look to a more grunge look, tartan is one of the prints we choose for our everyday looks.

Winter accessories

The hat

Each season has its own hat! Impossible to spend the winter without understanding that the hat has taken an important place in our dressing rooms to perfect our outfits and sublimate our looks. The hat is certainly very useful because it is warm or covers us perfectly in winter, but above all it is resolutely trendy and the designers are constantly reinventing it each year over the collections.

This winter, hats will be in shape. More conspicuous than last year, we opt for molded models, higher on the head and we clearly feel the inspiration of the 50s returning to our wardrobes.

The main hat trends to follow this winter 2020:

  • Veiled hats seen at Ninna Ricci
  • Fedora hats
  • Felt hats

Thigh high boots

The waders are once again everywhere on our legs this winter 2019/2020. These pretty pairs of boots sharpening our line have managed to find their place among the trendy shoes of the year once again. We see them everywhere in the streets and on the catwalks.

Not only are they trendy shoes, but the thigh-high boots keep you warm and allow you to create a multitude of different looks.

How to wear thigh high boots?

The advantage of waders is that they can be combined with many pieces. You thought you could only wear them with little short skirts? Well no, forget that idea. Although thigh high boots are perfect for taking our legs out in peace in winter with our short skirts, they will also go very well with other pieces. So you can try the combo thigh high boots with jeans or dress and thigh-high boots. Besides, you will also certainly fall in love with the association of thigh high boots with the sweater dress :The trendy winter dress.

  • If you opt for thigh-high boots for the first time, go for a classic black or taupe model with flat soles so that you can easily combine them with several outfits.
  • If you're already addicted, know that this year we're daring to wear thigh-high boots with printed patterns:python, leopard, etc. The colors are also more and more lively and fashionistas no longer hesitate to try looks with thigh-high boots in more flashy tones such as red, burgundy, yellow or rust.

Where can I buy my waders?

There is something for everyone and many models have invaded our favorite stores! Take a look at Zara thigh high boots or those of Minelli who offer us models with beautiful materials. If you are looking for cheap waders , you can also watch on Asos because there is something for all tastes and all prices.

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