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All our look inspirations for wearing a skater skirt

Skater skirt is one of the trendiest skirts this season. It can be worn in summer as well as in winter and for all kinds of occasions and different styles. How to accessorize a skater skirt will set the overall tone of the outfit.

Find out in our article, how to wear a skater skirt and tame this fetish piece. What shoes to associate with it? How to wear the skater skirt in winter?

What is a skater skirt?

The skater skirt, what is it?

It's a flared skirt and lightly gathered at the high waist that usually stops at mid-thigh, just above the knee.

Skater skirts often have light materials to give a flowing effect reminiscent of figure skater skirts. Because yes, they take their birth from the skirts of skaters. This is Sonja Henie , the winner of the gold medal at the Olympic Games in 1928 which propelled it to the rank of fashion piece thanks to its title.

Since then, the "girly" skirt has become an essential piece that promises very urban looks whether chic or casual. The skater skirt gives style to an outfit in no time.

What morphology for a skater skirt?

The skater skirt will suit almost all body types. Thanks to its marked waist, it is very flattering for slim and slender silhouettes but not only...

For figure-8 body types (generous shapes, wide hips and aligned hips and shoulders), the skater skirt is the perfect skirt because it allows you to mark the waist well.

How to wear a skater skirt when you are curvy?

Contrary to the fears of some women,the skater skirt is a precious ally when you have curves .

  • If your curves are at the level of the abdominal belt, the skirt will mark the waist and hide the unsightly rolls.
  • If your curves are on the upper thighs, the voluptuous shape of the skirt will hide them.

A very important rule if you are plump is to choose a skater skirt in your dark and solid tones to refine the silhouette and if possible to wear it with heels. You can also opt for a longer model (at the knee or just below).

How to wear a skater skirt?

We love the skater skirt because it can be worn with all kinds of fashion pieces. From girly to rock style, there's something for everyone!

Here are some tips on what to wear a skater skirt to be trendy this year.

What top to wear with skater skirt?

A few tips depending on the desired look:

  • for a rock look:wear it with a beautiful flowing blouse and a perfecto
  • for a classic look:pair it with a Peter Pan collar shirt or an elegant blouse
  • for a modern and trendy look:we dare to wear it with a sweater or a slightly oversized knit that we will only tuck into the front of the skirt (discover the trendy sweaters from the season)
  • for a sportswear look:mix the skirt with a loose T-shirt or a sweatshirt
  • for a chic look:the ideal is a lace top

What shoes to wear with a skater skirt?

Again, it all depends on the style you want to give your outfit.

The skater skirt in a sportswear or casual chic style can be paired perfectly with sneakers or flats.

On the other hand, if you want to give your look a chic look, you will need heels. Boots in winter or pumps in summer!

A very trendy way to accessorize your skater skirt is to wear it with flat laced ankle boots. If you dare, wear thigh-high boots but opt ​​for a chunky oversized knit that will focus more on the lower body!

What to wear with a skater skirt in winter?

To our delight, the skater skirt is now available in many models of different materials. If we tend to favor light textiles in summer, on the contrary we choose warm materials when the cold arrives.

What coat with a skater skirt?

Straight cut coats are perfect. A woolen coat in a neutral color such as beige, gray or black is particularly suitable.

6 look inspirations for wearing a skater skirt

A trendy look with a burgundy skater skirt

One ​​look we particularly like is pairing a slightly oversized black sweater with a burgundy skater skirt and waders. These 3 pieces are very trendy this year and will therefore give you the assurance of an urban and modern look.

Skater skirt:the perfect accessory for a casual look

The advantage of black is that it goes with everything. So you can give free rein to your imagination and match it with your most beautiful fashion pieces.

If you are looking for a casual chic style, you can match your black skater skirt to a sweater with a discreet message and studded or laced boots, for example. For a successful look, the idea is to find trendy pieces and mix them with basics.

Casual chic with a skater skirt

For a casual outfit, you can bet on the gray skirt because it will go just as well with sneakers as ankle boots. Its color is easy to match.

Want to know what to wear with a gray skater skirt? It's very simple, pair it with fashionable black pieces and bring a touch of color.

Combine a pretty perfecto for a touch of modernity with an XXL scarf as is the trend and you will be very elegant!

Feminine and romantic with a white skater skirt

White skirts are very beautiful and very pure. Therefore, it is not always easy to find with what to wear a white skater skirt . If you like romantic looks, we recommend a total white look.

You can bring a rock and offbeat touch with a black biker jacket and ankle boots. Obviously, the white skirt is much easier to wear in summer than in winter.

A chic retro style with a red skater skirt

Red is a very strong symbol of glamor and femininity. To wear it elegantly without being vulgar, we advise you to adopt a retro chic style . Choose a patterned white and red shirt or sweater to complement the color of the skirt.

And don't forget the touch of red lipstick! As for shoes, black ankle boots with heels will be perfect.

Glamorous with a powder pink skater skirt

For a glamorous and modern style, you can wear a pink skater skirt with a T-shirt with a trendy message or a small blouse with a Peter Pan collar. For more elegance, choose a dusty pink or pastel pink instead of a hot pink.

In the evening, wear a biker jacket and a pretty pair of black pumps and you'll have the perfect chic and glamorous evening outfit.