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How to wear a pleated skirt this winter?

Considered for a very long time as an obsolete piece, the pleated skirt is experiencing a dazzling comeback this year.

Highlighted on the catwalks of Fashion Week by many designers, it is the flagship piece of the born trend o bourgeois :a look halfway between the city dweller and the BCBG.

However, the pleated skirt has the advantage of adapting to many rooms and is not confined to a single style. It goes just as well with sweaters as perfectos or basic T-shirts. It can be worn rock, bohemian and even sportswear!

What are the different ways to wear the pleated skirt this season? Is it made for your morphology? Read our guide to learn all about the pleated skirt.

Pleated skirt for which morphology

If you're still hesitant to go for a pleated skirt , know that this cut of skirt goes to all morphologies thanks to its lightness and its fluidity.

How to wear a pleated skirt when you are curvy?

Thanks to its fluidity, the pleated skirt will go very well for morphologies with generous shapes.

The ideal is not to choose colors that are too flashy to avoid emphasizing the lower body . A dark, solid shade is a better choice for this type of figure. We will choose it well in a light material and we will avoid pleated leather skirts for example which would weigh down the silhouette.

Instead emphasize the upper body with a pretty neckline.

For shoes:obviously if the goal is to appear more slender, opt for heels and wear them well fitted at the waist.

The pleated skirt when you're little

The pleated skirt is perfect for little ones because it lengthens the silhouette.

However, be sure to wear it with high heels otherwise you will look shrunken! So we opt for a pretty pair of heeled ankle boots. Always with the aim of appearing taller, we will associate it with rather short tops such as a perfecto, a denim jacket or a short blazer.

The pleated skirt when you're tall

Conversely, if you are tall, it is better to avoid wearing the pleated skirt with high heels because you risk looking really huge.

A perfect choice is to mix it with trendy sneakers like a pretty pair of adidas Gazelle that will go very well with this type of skirt. You can opt for flowing tops or "loose" cuts for an ultra trendy look.

How to wear the pleated skirt?

Which cut of pleated skirt to choose?

There are different lengths of pleated skirts. You will see long ones and shorter ones. To wear it in a modern way and break the too "Madame" effect of the long pleated dress, this year it's the midi pleated skirt which is in the spotlight.

The midi skirt stops below the knees. To be warm this winter, choose materials such as leather, wool, velvet, etc.

A big trend this season is to pair your midi skirt with a warm sweater. What a great pleasure when you see the huge choice of knits in the shops. From XXL or oversized sweaters to close-fitting sweaters, you're spoiled for choice. We also love the long pleated skirt version!

What top with a pleated skirt?

It's not always easy to know which top to wear with a pleated skirt . In summer, it's easy, you put on a basic t-shirt or tank top and you're done. In winter, we ask ourselves more questions because we want to be warm despite the fact that we are in a skirt.

Here are some tips:

  • If you want a more formal look, pair your pleated skirt with a shirt or blouse. It will give you a very chic style. This season, we hear a lot about the neo-bourgeois look . The pleated skirt is one of the key pieces of this BCBG style. Your top must therefore be well adjusted to respect the codes of the chic and sophisticated lady. Why not opt ​​for a mandarin collar tied around the neck?
  • If, on the contrary, you're more of a casual-chic style, you can choose to wear a big, warm sweater that's a little "loose" and tucked into the skirt to highlight your cut. You can also simply choose one of your favorite t-shirts accompanied by a perfecto or a denim jacket and then wrap yourself in an XXL scarf.
  • If you want a sportswear look, know that the pleated skirt also goes very well with a hoodie! And yes, it really goes with all styles and that's why we love it!

Which jacket to choose for an urban chic look?

If you're wondering which jacket to wear with a pleated skirt , do not search anymore. The perfect piece for a modern look is the perfecto.

The perfecto has become an essential piece in our dressing rooms. Any self-respecting fashionista has at least one in her wardrobe that she will mix with all kinds of fashion pieces!

Combined with a pleated skirt, its rock and rebellious spirit will break up the straight look of the pleated skirt.

Want to sound like Sarah Jessica Parker in "Sex and the City"? Wear it with a pretty pair of black ankle boots or high heels. Glamorous effect guaranteed!!

What coat with a pleated skirt?

If there is one piece that is not easy to mix with a coat, it is the pleated skirt. Because of its length, we don't really know what type of coat to wear it with...A coat that's too short will completely break the chic style of your skirt and a coat that's too long will hide your pretty outfit. But then which coat to choose with a pleated skirt?

In terms of length, the ideal is to choose a coat at knee level or just above the knee. You will be warm with a big wool coat or a faux fur coat .

What shoes with a pleated skirt?

  • For a chic look:office, evening, vintage look, etc., wear heels, either in pumps or in ankle boots!
  • For a casual look:wear sneakers instead.

Do we dare the boots with its pleated skirt?

The answer is yes!! Heeled boots are ultra feminine and will bring a touch of elegance to your outfit. Not only will you be warm but you will also be trendy! For example, you can opt for a chic neo-bourgeois style by combining your pleated skirt with riding boots.

Trendy models this winter

The pleated lamé skirt:the perfect piece for a chic look!

Whether you are more gold or silver, dare the lamé fabric! This is the winter trend.

Lamé skirts are perfect skirts for the end of the year celebrations but not only. The "gold and silver" takes on an ever greater dimension in our wardrobe and extends to the color of our shoes. Who hasn't seen the pretty pair of ankle boots or golden pumps that all the fashion bloggers wear on their feet?

So you can dare to wear lamé without feeling overdone and wear a gold or silver skirt for any occasion.

What to wear with a gold pleated skirt?

If you're out of inspiration, just wear your gold pleated skirt with a blazer and a white shirt. You can opt for a black or navy blue blazer to stay stylish. The golden skirt is very sophisticated because it has a majestic color but it also goes very well with a basic white top and sneakers.

White or light gray will go very well with your lamé skirts! Think about it to make your associations.

Pleated skirt with patterns

Although very easy to combine when choosing a pleated skirt in plain tones, it will give you an ultra trendy look if you dare the patterned pleated skirt .

Why not follow the trends of the season by opting for an animal print or polka dots for a vintage look?

A few basic rules for wearing the patterned pleated skirt:

  • For your top, choose a color opposite to that of the skirt. If your pattern is rather dark, then choose a light color for your top and vice versa
  • Patterned skirts pair perfectly with sweaters or fine knits
  • A pretty cashmere sweater can also add an extra touch of elegance

How to wear a pleated skirt this season to look from head to toe?

Leather pleated skirt

Leather being a fashionable material, it is not surprising to see that pleated skirts are also available in leather. It certainly gives a very chic style due to the material.

You can play on a sheer effect on the upper body with a black lace top, but it's a piece that goes with everything.

A nice choice is also the total black look with a V-neck sweater on the upper body and high black boots.

In conclusion:

The pleated skirt is a skirt that can be worn in winter as well as in summer! No need to put it in the closet once the heat has passed. It goes with all kinds of fashion pieces and matches very easily with many shoes. In a neo-chic bourgeois version with a beautiful silk blouse or in a rock version with ankle boots, a white t-shirt and a perfecto.

Three major trends this season for wearing the pleated skirt:

  • We opt for a pleated skirt in lamé fabric :gold, copper or silver
  • Choose a pleated leather skirt for a sophisticated look
  • We are testing the midi cut (under the knees) with a pretty knit and ankle boots